14 Incredible Benefits of Bay Leaves for Weight Loss For Herbal Lover

How many of you consider the benefits of bay leaves for weight loss? If most of you say no, then you might be not the only person. Since a lot of people know bay leaves for cooking or food. But not many of them aware, that apparently this leaves also can be a good solution […]

Proven Benefits of Tej Patta for Weight Loss (Best Diet Treatment Ever!)

Tej patta is actually bay leaf in Hindi. Also known as tezpatta in Punjabi, tej patha in Bengali, tamal patra in Marathi, and tamal patr in Gujarati. It is an aromatic leaf that is native to the Mediterranean area and is commonly used as a cooking ingredient as well as for perfumes. Tej patta is […]

7 Health Benefits of Indonesian Bay Leaves You Need To Know

Indonesian bay leaves used as a spice; both dried or fresh, in many cuisines such as curry, soup, and stews. The botanical name of this plant is Syzygium Polyanthum which is rare to find outside Asian countries. Indonesian bay leaves tree grows up to 25 meters in height. The leaf gives a slightly bitter taste […]

18 Benefits of Bay Leaves (No.9 Best for Health)

Bay leaves are commonly used as one of cooking ingredients. Yet, bay leaves is considered as herbal plants that brings benefits both for our health and beauty because they are rich of nutritious substances. The nutrient contents in bay leaves are: They are rich of vitamin C. 100 gram of bay leaves provides 46,5 mg of […]