20 Health Benefits of Red Betel Leaves for Daily Treatment

Health benefits of red betel leaves are very popular especially for stopping a nosebleed. The red betel leaves already known as a herb plant that can be used to treat various diseases. In the nutritional content of the leaves contain benefits for health with its ability to treat minor disease to severe disease. Here are […]

18 Proven Best Benefits of Green Tea Mask For Face

Treating skin face is quite important to maintain a healthy face. There are several ways to do it including through the benefits of green tea mask for face. Not just good for the body metabolism, green tea also good for many other things. Therefore, it is common to use the benefit of green tea for […]

6 Health Benefits of Wasp Sting Therapy #1 Unexpected

Bee is quite familiar for earning honey. Honey is extremely important things to have a healthy life. Most of citizen consume natural honey because it contains a lot of contents in it that has been proven to have many benefits for health. Beside earning honey, bee is also known as an animal that can be […]

6 Healthy Wooden Foot and Body Roller Massager Benefits

The nerve system is working to sending messages from one cell to another. This produces a muscle movement and physical body coordination. Acupressure promote nerve functioning and has been successfully used for many emotional healing. Therefore, no wonder if there are many health benefits of acupressure wooden foot roller. Using an alternative therapy procedure like […]

10 Excellent Health Benefits of Foot Roller Massager

Foot massage has been used for medical treatment for centuries. This kind of traditional therapeutic techniques will affect the muscles and joints function. Moreover, it will help to improve the energy flow by pointing at the pressure points. Then, it is believed that this therapy can heal certain diseases. It is linked with the ability […]

16 Health Benefits of Honey for Skin (#1 Top Beauty Tricks)

Honey has the sweet taste and can be used as the natural sweetener for your tea, coffee, and other beverages. Besides, honey has great nutrients contained in it such as amino acid and antioxidant. At this point, honey is also valuable to make the skin beautiful and healthy as well. Then, to use honey for […]

16 Benefits of Acupuncture For Health and Beauty

Acupuncture is a treatment method that has been a historic time. It is used by physicians in China about 5,000 years ago according to historical evidence. But until now the acupunture treatment is still an alternative way, also most asked treatment by people who seeking cures for various diseases suffered. These acupuncture techniques can overcome […]

4 Health Risks of Colonoscopy (No.3 Most Danger)

Colonoscopy is a procedure for detecting abnormalities in the colon and rectum. In medical, it is a procedure that allows the examiner to a gastroenterologist to evaluate the inside of the colon. This process is done by inserting a colonoscope with a camera into the rectum. Colonoscope is a flexible tube that has a length […]

4 Health Benefits and Risks of X-Rays (No.1 Unique)

Are you familiar with X-rays? Well, X-ray is a tool that can emit the electromagnetic rays. It has the same form as ordinary light rays, infrared and radio waves. X-rays has a form of the electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths ranging from 0.01 to 10 nanometers and have a frequency about 1016 up to 1021 Hz. […]