6 Healthy Wooden Foot and Body Roller Massager Benefits

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The nerve system is working to sending messages from one cell to another. This produces a muscle movement and physical body coordination. Acupressure promote nerve functioning and has been successfully used for many emotional healing. Therefore, no wonder if there are many health benefits of acupressure wooden foot roller.

Using an alternative therapy procedure like acupressure is safe and less harmful. Hence the functioning of vital organs such as brain, heart, lungs, liver, and glands becomes balanced. Furthermore, body metabolism such as respiration, circulation, digestion, excretion and secretion can be improved. Therefore, acupressure rollers are important health tools to help you live better.

What are Wooden Foot Rollers?

Acupressure foot rollers are one of the massage tools that commonly used. It has some raised points which can roll up and down with the feet. It made of wood and easy to carry anywhere. There are several size and dimension of the rollers. From the simple one up to the complicated shape. Furthermore, the foot rollers will help to ease the pain from the feet and help to relax the feet from tension.

The rollers are made by the principles of reflexology to help to acupressure the important nerve in the feet. It works to relieve the pain from the feet and cure many kind of disease. Reflexology determines the pressure points at our feet. This roller can activate stimulation of the nerve through the raised points around it. Therefore, a roller crafted from a simple design and can be easily used.

Furthermore, it is designed from one solid piece of wood. Below are some wooden foot and body roller massager benefits.

1. Improves blood circulation

Massaging the foot will help to improves blood circulation. Therefore, apply the roller unto the feet will relax the muscle. Due to the lifestyle that makes people using their muscles improper. This is the same benefits of reflexology foot massage.

2. Reduces the effects of depression and anxiety

Another health benefits of acupressure wooden foot roller including can reduce the effect of depression. Furthermore, it will avoid anxiety. It bring relaxation and control the hormone. Therefore, it is a good way for stress relieve. This is the same health benefits of popping bubble wrap.

3. Helps with headaches and migraines

There is a study that show about people suffering from headaches and migraines receive great improvement through reflexology. It is believed that reflexology foot massages bring additional positive lifestyle changes. Therefore, it is good to avoid headaches. Furthermore, it bring contributed to their impressive results. This is the same health benefits of foot roller massager.

4. Lowers blood pressure

What’s more wooden foot and body roller massager benefits? By pressuring the reflexology point can help to lower the blood pressure. It manage to maintain the blood pressure and distribute a better blood circulation. There is some points in feet reflexology that can manage blood distribution to the entire body.

It also will help to control the pressure not to achieve too high pressure at the brain. Therefore, it bring a good oxygen supply to the body and help to increase body metabolism. This is the same benefits of magnetic bracelets for blood pressure control.

5. Helps with flat feet and plantar fasciitis

People with flat feet having difficulty due to ligament laxity. It can causes the arch to collapse. Furthermore, it can affect people to experience foot pain after physical activity. Therefore, regular foot exercise with some deep massage, including acupressure with the rollers, can help significantly lessen the pain and cure these conditions. In long term use and regular use, it is beneficial to fix the feet shape and reduce syndrome due to this condition.

6. Helps alleviate symptoms of PMS and menopause

The massage can help with PMS symptoms include feelings of sadness and unhappiness. Most of these symptoms can be reduce by doing foot massages during this period. The same way symptoms of menopause including the addition of hot flashes and depression can be treat. Therefore, it is beneficial for woman in many ways. This is the same health benefits of chai tea latte.

How to use Foot Rollers

Using a foot roller is easy and simple. First, just slip off your shoes and simply roll off your feet on these  rollers. It will help to stimulate the pressure points present in your feet and helps to relieve the tired feet, soreness and foot aches. It is easy to do anytime and anywhere.

Following are some ways of foot rollers for the feet:

  1. Roll off your feet in a foot roller, feel it massaged and remain relaxed.
  2. Use foot rollers to ensure a proper circulation of the blood in your feet.
  3. Get relief from the foot pain by massage your feet with the foot rollers.
  4. Carry the tool with you and go for at least a 10 minutes of simple foot massage anywhere.

Thus, you can get many  wooden foot and body roller massager benefits.

Side Effects of Foot and Body Roller

There are several minor side effects of the roller, including:

  1. It is not recommend for pregnant woman since in some matters can cause miscarriage. Therefore, avoid foot massage when pregnant.
  2. It has a round shape. Therefore, there is a possibility to slip on. Hence, be carefully when using any massage with this roller, especially on the feet.
  3. Elderly shall be careful using this roller, since usually they lack in balance.

Where to Buy a Foot and Body Roller

To purchase a foot roller for your feet can be found in any natural health store. However, internet also the best place to purchase the rollers. There are various type and shape. Make sure to choose the one appropriate and the most suitable for use. Find out the product descriptions and check on the reviews to make the best choice. Make sure it is made from a high quality food. Therefore, it wouldn’t easy to broke or dirt.