20 Health Benefits of Red Betel Leaves for Daily Treatment

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Health benefits of red betel leaves are very popular especially for stopping a nosebleed. The red betel leaves already known as a herb plant that can be used to treat various diseases. In the nutritional content of the leaves contain benefits for health with its ability to treat minor disease to severe disease. Here are the health benefits of red betel leaves. [Read also: Health Benefits of Violet Leaves]

1. Nosebleed Treatment

The content of phenyl poppies and terpene in red betel leaves will help the blood that comes out to immediately stop. Roll one sheet of betel leaf, then insert into the nostrils that bleed out to clog.

2. Ulcers Treatment

Red betel leaves with its vitamin C and antiseptic substances able to fight germs that cause ulcers. Do oral care by chewing 1-2 pieces of red betel leaf until shattered in the mouth. Wait 10 minutes before disposal, do at least 2 times a day.

3. Minor Burns Treatment

When a person has burned, the content of alkaloids, antioxidants, and the benefits of vitamin C in red betel will help to relieve inflammation in the area of the burning skin. How to make it easy enough:     

  • Mash 3-5 red betel leaves     
  • Mix with 2 teaspoons of honey     
  • Apply to the wound area 2 times a day

But for the use of red betel as an external medicine is only able to treat a light burn.

4. Red Eye Remedy

The content of alkaloid compounds acts as anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, which will relieve red eyes due to irritation. How to make the medicine is also quite easy:     

  • Prepare 20 pieces of red betel leaf     
  • Boil with water until boiling     
  • Strain the boiling water     
  • Use as an eye compress     
  • Or use to wash the eyes for about 10 minutes

5. Bloody Gum Medication

As a bleeding gum treatment, the content of saponins, tannins, calcium and phosphorus minerals will alleviate the inflammation that occurs when the gums bleed. Steps to make the medicine:     

  • Prepare 10 pieces of red betel leaf     
  • Boil with water until boiled
  • Filter the water and cool it     
  • Use it to rinse, for effective results do as much as 3 times a day

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6. Bronchitis medicine

You can boil 6-10 sheets of betel leaves in 300 ml of water and leave it half to drink. Betel leaf contains tannins which can cure bronchitis disease if taken regularly 3 times a day.

7. Stomach Disorder Treatment

The content of terpenoid and clavicle in red betel leaves can treat stomach disease. The trick is to drink the boiled water of 7 pieces betel leaf and consume 3 times a day on a regular basis.

8. Insect Itching Medicine

Red betel can also relieve allergic reactions due to insect bites or seafood allergies. Simply prepare a stew of 20-30 pieces of red betel leaf, then use it to bath 2 times a day.

9. Prostate Inflammatory Medicine

For men who have problems with the prostate gland can use red betel leaf as herbal medicine. The content of tannins, saponins, and hydroxychavicol will regenerate the cells in the prostate gland, in order to perform its functions as usual. Boil 3-7 red betel leaves that is still young and drink water as much as 3 times a day.

10. High Blood Pressure Medication

The content of essential oils and phenols will stabilize blood pressure, for someone with a history of high blood diseases. Mix the decoction of red betel leaves with honey and drink 2 times a day.

11. Cough Medicine

To treat a cough you can take advantage of this red betel leaf, how:     

  • Prepare 5 pieces of red betel leaf     
  • Boil with 300 ml of water     
  • Drink for 2 times a day

Its content of vitamin B, vitamin C and alkaloid will relieve inflammation causes coughing in the throat.

12. Swollen Breast Treatment

Betel leaf can treat swollen breast after breastfeeding. Burn the red betel leaves until wilted and stick on the swollen breast area while the leaves are still warm. Its Allylprokatecol and carvacrol compounds will help to stretch inflamed breast muscles by overeating too much.

13. Treating Tumors

Antioxidant, flavonoid, and terpenoid compounds that exist in red betel can boost a person’s immune system. When the immune system increases, then the body’s white blood cells will be able to destroy the carcinogenic substances or harmful tumors from the body.

14. Diabetes Treatment

You can treat diabetes by consuming a decoction of red betel leaf. The content of terpenoids, clavicle, eugenol, and pyrene in these leaves will help the performance of insulin in regulating blood sugar levels. You may read also the health benefits of turmeric for diabetes and the health benefits of coffee for diabetes.

15. Pneumonia Medicine

When you suffer from pneumonia, red betel leaves can be an alternative to cure it. Make a 5-7 leaf stew of old red betel leaves in 500 ml of water to cure pneumonia. The content of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants will clean the lung area from harmful compounds that accidentally enter the lungs.

16. Medicine of Uric Acid

Red betel leaves can also be used as a cure for uric acid. Red betel leaf will relieve muscle pain and shed uric acid crystals in the body. How to make it:     

  • Prepare 8 pieces of young betel leaves after washed clean     
  • Boiled with 500 ml of water     
  • Boil until the remaining boiled water for 3 cups     
  • Drink 75 ml of boiled water, 3 times a day on a regular basis
  • If it is felt bitter you can add java sugar or 2 tablespoons of honey.

17. Prevent Acne

Red betel leaf can also be used to prevent or treat acne, because the health benefits of red betel leaves contained of antioxidants, flavonoids, and vitamins. Those contents will provide nutrients to the skin and replace facial skin cells damaged by exposure of dust and pollution. To get the health benefits of red betel leaves, simply by:

  • Boil 10 leaves in 200 ml of water     
  • Strain the boiled water and chill it
  • Use boiled water to wash your face 2 times a day.

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18. Overcome Leukorrhea or White Discharge

In addition to green betel, red betel leaf species can also act as an antiseptic that kills Candida bacteria which cause leukorrhea. You can boil 5-10 red betel leaves into the 250ml water. After boiled, strain the water and use it to wash the feminine area.

19. Reduces Body Odor

Red betel leaf contains estradiol and clavicle that control the production of hormones and sweat glands in the body. Red betel leaves can help reduce the problem of body odor in 2 ways:     

  • Cooking water consumption of betel leaves as much as 2 glasses per day     
  • Apply 2 pieces of red betel leaf that have been pounded into the armpit area regularly

20. Treat Bad Breath

The content of eugenol and capitol compounds in red betel leaves will help you who have bad breath problems. Enough with gargle stew of red betel leaves regularly in the morning and afternoon.

Thus a review of the benefits of red betel leaves, may this article be a powerful alternative for our health treatment.