5 Amazing Health Benefits of Drinking Hot Thai Tea #1 Proven

Tea is one of the famous and well-known kind of drink since long time ago. Tea was used to be drunk during breakfast time along with cookies or bread, but nowadays, you can drink tea in almost all the time. Do you know that drinking tea is very beneficial for your health? Besides being used […]

10 Valuable Benefits of Thai Tea Boba – Rich Antioxidants Beverage

Tea is one of most popular drinks in the world. According to world statistics, it is the second most consumed beverage on earth. As time passes, there were born a lot of beverages that derived from or made of tea. Some examples are iced tea, milk tea, black tea, and thai tea boba. The last […]

10 Healthiest Health Benefits of Thai Soup for Wellness

There are many delicious food including the health benefits of Thai soup that authentic and also healthy. It is not only bring advantage, but also delicious kind of meal. Therefore, many people around the world start to fall in love with this kind of soup, making the Thailand restaurant is now available everywhere. Whether in […]

21 Health Benefits of Thai Massage #1 Relaxing Treatments

Thai massage or also known as Nuad Bo Rarn, which can be translated as “Ancient massage”, is a unique style of bodywork. Unlike western style massage, Thai massage is performed on the floor using a mat and the patient is fully clothed. This massage style actually combines some of body works types like acupressure,massage and […]