10 Valuable Benefits of Thai Tea Boba – Rich Antioxidants Beverage

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Tea is one of most popular drinks in the world. According to world statistics, it is the second most consumed beverage on earth. As time passes, there were born a lot of beverages that derived from or made of tea. Some examples are iced tea, milk tea, black tea, and thai tea boba. The last tea is not only a regular beverages health benefits of hyssop tea, but also provides various benefits for health, skin, and hair.

Here in this writing you will discover the excellent benefits of thai tea boba, complete with its nutrition facts, how to use, and recommendation.

Nutrition Facts of Thai Tea Boba

First, it should be noted that thai tea boba uses black tea as its ingredient. So, most of its nutrients come from black tea. Based on some research, a cup of thai boba tea contains :

  • Antioxidants, such as polyphenol, flavonoid, vitamins, epigallocatechin gallate, and other catechins
  • Stimulants, such as caffeine, theobromine, xanthine, theophylline, etc
  • Fluoride
  • Aluminium
  • Dietary minerals
  • Manganese

Thai tea boba is almost fat-free.

How to Make Thai Tea Boba

Before you know its benefits, you should know how to make thai tea boba yourself. Simply follow these steps :

  • Prepare thai tea powder, 100-200 g water, ~400 g ice, and 50 g boba tapioca pearls.
  • Put thai tea powder, water, and ice into a shaker bottle.
  • Shake the bottle to mix the ingredients.
  • Put boba tapioca pearls and ice into a glass.
  • Pour the mixture in shaker bottle into the glass.
  • Thai tea boba is ready to serve.

Now, let’s see what are the benefits of thai tea boba :

1. Thai tea boba reduces the risk of stroke

According to scientists, stroke may be caused by blocked blood flow, which is triggered by high cholesterol level due to unhealthy lifestyle. Thai tea boba is proven to reduce amount of bad cholesterol in blood circulation. Thus, it will prevent stroke, diabetes, cancer, heart attack, and health benefits of youthberry tea.

2. Thai tea boba helps improve metabolism

Maintaining a good metabolism is important for health. How good is our metabolism depend on the food or beverages we consume health benefits of lingzhi mushroom. Thai tea boba, just like other tea, can help improve metabolism and digestive system health. Consuming thai tea boba everyday is recommended.

3. Thai tea boba is very useful for diet

Another great benefits of thai tea boba. For those who is on diet, consuming thai tea boba between mealtime and snacking is recommended. It will help ease bowel movement in digestive system and stabilize metabolism. A healthy digestion will ease the progress of weight loss. For starter, drink a glass of thai tea boba in the morning after breakfast, and in the night before going to bed or after dinner. 

4. Thai tea helps minimize black circle under eyes 

Dark circles around the eyes can be erased by applying thai tea boba. Compress area around the eyes with extract of thai tea (fresh, unprocessed). It will refresh the eyes and helps protect it from allergies. The natural composition of thai tea boba will loosen eye muscle. Compress the eyes with a piece of cloth imbued with thai tea boba. Do this in the morning before going to work.

5. Thai tea boba has diuretic properties

Urinary system can be possibly infected by virus or bacteria if not treated properly. If left untreated, the infection may cause painful inflammation and diffulty in passing the urine. To help solve this health benefits of hot bath after workout drink 2-3 thai tea boba everyday will stimulate diuretic activity, thus neutralizing urinary system from bacteria or virus.

6. Thai tea boba helps fight againts free radicals

Free radicals is dangerous for health and may cause growth of cancer cells. Based on a research conducted by Tufts University, thai tea boba can help remove free radicals in the body benefits of chayote for diet and reduce the risks of cancer.

Free radicals first appear in blood vessels and spread to all internal part of the body. You can prevent free radicals from spreading by consuming high antioxidants thai tea boba. It is recommended to consume it at least 3-5 times a week to kill free radicals.

7. Thai tea boba is rich in antioxidants

Other benefits of thai tea boba is its rich antioxidants properties. Antioxidants plays important role in combating and removing free radicals, preventing cancer cells growth, and to protect health from pollutants and other outside threats. Some studies show that thai tea boba has complete antioxidants, e.g. polyphenol, flavonoids, etc. It is found that thai tea boba get most of its antioxidants from vitamins.

Thus, thai tea boba is also effective for acne, inflammation, ulcers, asthma, health benefits of green apple, and other diseases. 

8. Thai tea boba helps relieve high level stress

Results of a scientific research in Japan show that thai tea boba can assist in stress management. This is probably because thai tea is aromatic and produce caffeine, which can stimulate brain hormone to be relaxed. Thus, greatly reduce the amount of stress.

9. Thai tea boba helps reduce the risks of cancer

Based on a studies conducted by Stanford University of United States, it is found that the early stage of breast cancer development can be stopped by consuming thai tea boba.

Consuming this tea can help thwart the further spread of cancer cells to every body parts. This is due to rich antioxidants and polyphenol composition of thai tea prevent cancer cells from further development.

10. Thai tea boba helps treat or prevent asthma

According to experts, consuming two cup of thai tea boba can help prevent asthma symptoms. This is possibly due to thai tea boba containing star anise substance, which can protect respiratory system from the causes of asthma, such as inflammation. Antioxidants in this tea also helps treat inflammation occurs in respiratory system, and also helps boost immune system.

Recommendation Intake of Thai Tea Boba

Up to this point, there is no risks of consuming thai tea boba.