5 Amazing Health Benefits of Drinking Hot Thai Tea #1 Proven

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Tea is oneof the famous and well-known kind of drink since long time ago. Tea was used tobe drunk during breakfast time along with cookies or bread, but nowadays, youcan drink tea in almost all the time. Do you know that drinking tea is verybeneficial for your health? Besides being used to refresh your mind, tea isalso rich in antioxidants that help you to keep young and fit.

Thai tea,originated from Thailand (of course!), was very popular recently. It has been consumedby all people from all ages. It is a new trend of tea, because Thai tea istotally different with other types of tea. It is very rich in spices that arecoming from Asia, such as cardamom and star anise. Besides spices, you willalso find evaporated sugar, orange flower, black tea and sugar in Thai tea. Itis very interesting, isn’t it?

Thai tea can be enjoyed either as a hot or iced beverage. People commonly drink Thai tea as a cold or iced beverage because it gives you fresh and cold sensation, especially during sunny days. However, do you know that it is better to drink Thai tea as a hot beverage instead of as an iced beverage? What makes Thai tea different with others? What are the benefits of drinking Thai tea?

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What makes Thai tea different?

As stated before, Thai tea is extraordinary if you compare to other type of tea. The ingredients of Thai tea are black tea, evaporated milk, sugar and spices. Spices and evaporated milk are the ones that make it different with other types of tea. The tea that is used to make it is called Ceylon tea, Thai local tea.

Besides the tea itself as the main ingredient, you will also find some spices from Asia, such as star anise and orange flower. Thai tea is commonly served with black pearls as topping. It is popular among Southeast Asian countries, but nowadays, you can find it almost everywhere.

Thai tea can be served hot, and it is better to be drunk in the morning. There are two types of hot Thai tea: Thai hot tea and dark Thai hot tea – without condensed milk.

What are the health benefits of drinking hotThai tea?

Tea is very beneficial to your health, as mentioned before, one of them is rich in antioxidants. Thai tea also has a lot of amazing health benefits. Drinking hot Thai tea is much better than the iced one as you can taste the better flavor, the original flavor of the tea. If you drink it with ice, the taste will be different and not original. Besides, hot tea will provide you with more antioxidants as hot Thai tea will give you maximum amount of antioxidants for your body. Before you see the health benefits, let’s check the nutrition 1 serving of hot Thai tea has.

1 serving of Thai tea has between 180 to 300 calories. It depends to the amount of sugar you put in your hot Thai tea. Then it also serves you with vitamin A, D and calcium from the milk. Does it sound perfect for your health?

Here are the health benefits of drinking hot Thai tea. Check these following out!

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Risk of cancer is reduced

Black tea leaves in hot Thai tea is very full of antioxidants. By having a lot of antioxidants, hot Thai tea will help you to prevent from getting cancer.

Hot Thai tea is not only preventing your body from getting infected by certain type of cancer, but almost all the cancer types, such as colon, stomach, skin, lungs and other cancer. Drink hot Thai tea to be free of the risk of cancer! Read Surprising Benefits of Apricot Seed for Cancer Treatment to give you an idea of treating cancer.

No more problem for weight loss

Are you looking for some drinks that will help you on your diet? Hot Thai tea is the answer! The caffeine in hot Thai tea is very beneficial to keep your concentration and energy leveled up. Antioxidants and caffeine are perfect combination to improve your metabolism so that it will be able to burn more calories effectively. As a result, weight loss is not a big deal anymore! Grab your hot Thai tea now!

Care for your heart health

Black tea is very useful to protect the performance of blood vessels and arteries in your body. By doing so the risk of getting heart attack and stroke is reduced.

Rich in calcium

One serving of hot Thai tea will provide you around four percent of calcium intake. The calcium that condensed milk has will help you to strengthen your bones and teeth, especially if you are getting older. It will prevent you from getting osteoporosis.

Hypertension? No way!

Hypertensionis a very scary state of body condition as it may lead to several seriousdiseases. The milk in Thai tea will calm your blood pressure. The sufficientintake of calcium, especially in women, will lower the risk of hypertension.

So, do youstill feel doubt of drinking hot Thai tea now? No more doubt, please, as youcan see it has amazing health benefits to your body. Just remember to alwayscontrol the sugar intake on your drink to prevent it losing its healthbenefits.

Enjoy yourhot Thai tea and feel the difference.

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