37 Health Benefits of Eating Jaggery #Natural Antioxidant

Do you know something about jaggery? Maybe it is a unknown name for us. So what about brown sugar or palm sugar that has shape usually cube or spherical? Yup. That is jaggery. There are two types of food and beverage sweeteners or what we call sugar consumed by the people of Indonesia. Both types of […]

13 Health Benefits of Palm Sugar #1 Top Cancer Killer

Still in the theme about health, now we will discuss about health benefits of Nipa Palm. Nipa palm is some kind of palm tree that grow in brackish area which is influenced by flux and reflux, especially on estuary and on back of mangrove forest. This plant, nipa palm, have a lot of benefit for […]

20 Health Risks of Consuming too Much Sugar (#Deadly)

Sugar is one of the type of carbohydrate which has a lot of calories. According to the World Health Organization or WHO, you’re not recommended to get the 5% of the recommended daily calories from sugar, because it will lead you to various health risks and health complications. We bet that you already know that […]

20 Health Risks of Artificial Sweetener (No.3 Terrible)

If you’re in the diet and if you don’t want to take the calories intake from the sugar, you might want to change your sugar into artificial sweetener. Artificial sweeteners have lower amount of calories compared with the sugar, so there is no surprise at all that artificial sweeteners are included in the soft drinks, […]

10 Health Benefits of Erythritol (No.2 Amazing)

Sugar is the most famous sweetening agent among people. Its taste of sweet is the only one reason why people consume it as daily sweetening agents. In the other hands, sugar has been related to some diseases such as diabetes (diabetes mellitus) and also over-weight or obesity. It made medical researchers tried to discover the […]

89 Erythritol Side Effects : Good, Bad & Shocking Facts

Some of us is not surprised by the benefits of Erythritol. Erythritol is is one kind of sugar alcohol or polyol that has been approved for use as food additives in the United States and other countries. Erythritol is a major source of some fruits and fermented foods. Naturally, Erythritol contained in soy sauce, sake, […]