10 Health Benefits of Erythritol (No.2 Amazing)

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Sugar is the most famous sweetening agent among people. Its taste of sweet is the only one reason why people consume it as daily sweetening agents. In the other hands, sugar has been related to some diseases such as diabetes (diabetes mellitus) and also over-weight or obesity. It made medical researchers tried to discover the healthy sweetening agents. Some studies finally found the alternative and health sweetening agents. It is sugar substitues which has the sweet taste and it is made either natural (by certains fruit of vegetables) or synthetic.

One of the famous kind of sugar is sugar alcohols. They are xylitol and erythritol. They are classified as sugar substitutes of natural origin. Erythritol is one of the sugar alcohols in which it is used in low-carb diet in lossing the weight. Erythritol is zero-calories sugar with the same taste as general sugar.

Erythritol is defined as the carbon sugar which naturally found in many foods and also in mircoorganisms, animals and also plants. Besides it is also produced commercially in fermented form of glucose obtained of materials such as sugar. Erythritol can not easily metabolized in the body and it is categorized as non-caloric.

Some studies have revealed that erythritol can air the weight loss and also manage the diabetes. These days many people have moved consuming general sugar to Erythritol since it has many positive benefits. The zero-calories label of erythritol is also the main reason why people consume it as daily sweetening agent. The effect of zero-calories of erythritol will not lead to blood sugar in which it also leads to diabetes. Hereby the other benefits of Erythritol:

1. Prevent the Teeth Decay

Erythritol has been known as sugar alcohol in which it contains sweet taste from vegetable and fruits. It has benefits such as preventing from tooth decay. Consuming erythritol have been proved will reduce the decay of teeth since erythritol is categorized as noncariogenic. It also causes the oral bacteria will not ferment them as sucrose does. That is why this erythritol is used in products such as chewing gum.

2. Prevent the Diabetes

As all people know that erythritol is rich in sweets but zero-calories make this sugar alcohol can reduce the risk of diabetes. Consuming this erythritol can slower the blood sugar level and it will affect to the decreasing of the glycemic load in body. It is also the effective way to replace sugar in ordet to do reduce the risk of obesity.

3. Reduce Obesity

As it is explained above that erythritol plays a great role in managing the blood sugar for diabetes and it will be safe sweetener for diabetes patients. In the same case, it is related to obesity that some studies demonstrated that erythritol can reduce the obesity among adult.

4. Anti-Aging

This is the good news that erythritol contains antioxidant and it is useful to control aging process from free radicals. It is caused that erythritol can absorb easily inside the body well.

5. Treat Digestive Problem

As it is mentioned above the erythritol can be absorbed easily inside the body and it was proved that erythritol can reduce the digestive problem.

6. Produce the Cooling Sensation for Mouth

The another benefit of erythritol is producing the cooling sensation for mouth. The cooling sensation is caused by the endothermic dissolution of erythritol.

7. Combat the Free Radicals

As it is mentioned above that erythritol is able to exhibitssince it can absorb and can circulates the body in order to scavening hyroxyl radicals incluing free radicals.

8. Frendly Diet Sweetener

It has been proved by some studies that erythritol can share the noncariogenetic and it has been a freindly sweetener for diet since its zero-calories contents. So, for those who are doing a diet, it will be better to use erythritol to change the usual sweetener.

9. Scavenge the Hydroxyl Radicals

Another benefit of erythritol is that it can scavenge the hydroxyl radicals. Polycols contains hydroxyl and those polycols has function to scavenge the radicals of hyroxyl. These polycols also help antioxidant to combat the free radicals.

10. Potential Endothelial Protecting Agent

As the sweetener of zero calories, erythtritol has been known widely as the safe sweetening agent including for diabetics. Erythritol has also been known as the protecting agent especially for diabetes assosiated to vascular diseases such as atheroslerocis.

Erythritol side Effects and Dosage

Currently, natural and artificial sweeteners are being analyzed futher for the other benefits and hazards. Most of sugar alcohol such as arythritol are indicated as the zero calories. This kind of sugar relatively similar to other sweetener.

Even though there are some benefits which are very excelent to treat human body but above all, there are some side effects which are serious for human. The recommend dosage is about less than 59g. If it is more than 59g, it will lead to nausea and also vomiting. As the study revealed that erythritol can even cause the diseases such as headache, stomachache and also diarrhea. So before consume it continually, it will be better to consult to the doctor about dosage of consuming erythritol.