Health Benefits of Chewing Paan and Betel Leaves Nobody Told You About

If you live in an area where its traditional culture is still exists (albeit not easy anymore to find), you will meet one or two elderly fellows with their mouth chewing something. That thing could be a candy, or chewing gum, but, what they actually chewing is paan. Paan is a mixture of betel leaves […]

16 Benefits of Chewing Gums for Mouth Health (Surprising)

Every human being in this world possesses a natural desire to masticate or chew something. It is something instinctual that’s triggered by stimulus in our taste receptors, tooth hygiene, and bad breath. This desire drives people to munch into some chewy and elastic substance, for example, the people of Ancient Greece used to chew mastic […]

12 Health Benefits of Arabic Gum (No.4 Shocking)

Mostly people are uncommonly know about Arabic gum. What is actually arabic gum? Arabic gum is a dried edible gummy exudates from which derived from the stems and branches of Acacia species plant such as Acacia senegal , Acacia laeta and Acacia seyal . Those three plant species grow abundantly in Central Sudan, Central Africa […]