Health Benefits of Not Wearing Shoes in The House – Scientist Discover

One’s health is determined by the person’s habits. If the person is running a good activity it will create health for his body. It is difficult to change someone’s habits but this condition should be done if the habit is bad for his health. One example of good health habits is to get used to […]

Health Benefits of Wearing Birkenstock Shoes – Care Your Feet

Everyone needs a way to take care of the body to stay healthy so that daily activities are not disturbed. One way to keep your body healthy is to change your bad habits. Most people, especially women always use shoes with a narrow base and high or high-heeled shoes. This habit will damage the structure […]

9 Super Health Benefits of Soaking Feet in Warm Water

Water, is an essential thing for our life and health. It is including cold and warm water. Both cold and warm water has been used as therapy treatment because of the benefits or you can read health benefits hot shower. The benefits are also almost same. For the warm water, you can take the treatment […]

5 Amazing Health Benefits of Bathing Feet with Salt Water

Usually after we go back from working we would sleep and lay down to rest our body. On the other hand some of us maybe go to spa to relax their body. Going to spa to relax our body from fatigue might be effective, but it’s quite expensive and need more time. Actually there is […]