Health Benefits of Wearing Birkenstock Shoes – Care Your Feet

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Everyone needs a way to take care of the body to stay healthy so that daily activities are not disturbed. One way to keep your body healthy is to change your bad habits. Most people, especially women always use shoes with a narrow base and high or high-heeled shoes. This habit will damage the structure of the foot so that after wearing these shoes then your feet will feel magic in the ankle or on the knee.

This condition is legged for too long positioned at a position that is not too precise. This habit when used in a long and sustainable then with walking time your legs will experience permanent disability. One way to avoid this by using birkenstock shoes. This article will discuss about the health benefits of birkenstock shoes.

History of Birkenstock shoes

This shoes has been around since the 1960s, but not as famous as it is now. Early in appearance, these shoes are favored by hospital nurses or health care professionals. Because these shoes are comfortable worn legged in a long time. Therefore, when first sold to the market, these shoes are more often entered into the store of health goods.

New in the 1990s flatbed shoe ogled fashion industry players, until finally the model and the world’s top artists join the footwear. In 2014, flatbed shoes again invite public attention, including the people of Indonesia. This type of shoe, included in the collection of summer 2014 a number of fashion houses such as Edun, Trina Turk, Houghton and Shades of Gray.

Although the price is not exactly cheap, but it looks like flatbed shoes will become one of the fashion items are not eroded time.

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Product Features Birkenstock Shoes

This year’s trend shoes products come from Germany. These shoes have some characteristics that show the product is indeed a imported product from germany. Here are the characteristics of Birkenstock Shoes from Germany, among others:

  1. Average brown shoe brown color
  2. These shoes are usually made with soles made of thick wooden corks that remain soft to the legs
  3. Original leather on birkenstock shoes clipped or wrapped above wooden cork

Health Benefits of Wearing Birkenstock Shoes

This type of shoes is famous for its curved sole design, made from Oak tree cork and soft rubber. This form is devoted to support the comfort and stability of the wearer’s feet. Birkenstock shoes are also believed to be good health sandals for the health of its users. Here are some health benefits of birkenstock shoes, as below.

  • Nourish muscles and joints

One of the health benefits of wearing birkenstock shoes is healthy muscles and joints. With an elegant birkenstock design that makes the foot of its users comfortable and very easy in running various activities. In contrast to shoes there is usually a gap or manufacturing process that does not produce a good design for certain activities. The condition that when shoe wearers impose themselves using the shoes will produce a variety of diseases.

As you know that the foot is the center of all control of the organ system because the foot is found nerve and vein. Therefore, all diseases can be seen by detecting the parts on the soles of the feet. If the condition of the foot or foot as a whole is healthy then it will provide health for the whole body especially related to muscle and joints. 

  • Smooth blood circulation

As mentioned above about the health benefits of wearing birkenstock shoes, the circulatory center is on the sole of the foot. Therefore, by using comfortable shoes and healthy like birkenstock it will be able to accelerate blood circulation.

Birkenstock can remove blockages in the bloodstream so that blood flow from and to the heart will be smooth. If the blood circulation smoothly then make the body fresh and healthy. You can also check on Benefits of Exercise for Circulatory and Respiratory System

  • Healthful digestive system

All organ systems are centered on the soles of the feet. When using health shoes such as birkenstock it will be able to improve the organ system including the digestive system.

On the sole of the foot there are parts that can nourish the digestive system such as the organ of the stomach. With regular use of birkenstock it will be able to nourish the digestive system.

  • Nourish the heart

The heart is an important organ that serves to pump blood from the heart throughout the body and vice versa. The return center from the whole body to the heart is on the sole of the foot. If the flow of blood is experiencing a constraint means it will disrupt the performance of the heart.

One way to keep this blood flow normal then routinely use birkenstock. Birkenstock is believed to accelerate blood circulation so as to normalize the heart’s performance and heart healthy. You can also check on Benefits of Magnetic Bracelets for Blood Pressure Control

  • Overcoming tired bodies and physical fatigue

Fatigue is a person’s physical condition due to too frequent and long activity. This fatigue is characterized by a tired body and increased body temperature. This condition is medically because the muscles are too long to contract or grace and blood circulation is impaired.

Such conditions can be overcome and appease by routinely using birkenstock. Birkonstock as a health shoe will be able to relieve otok or relax muscles and accelerate blood circulation. If both of these things are muscle and normal circulation drah then the body no longer feel tired and body temperature started normal.

  • Boost immunity

Health benefits of wearing birkenstock shoes in routine is to increase endurance. This immune system is the immune system from virus attacks, bacteria or germs that cause disease. If the immune system or the body’s immune system increases then viruses, bacteria and germs that cause disease can not cure this system so that the body does not experience disease or body remains healthy.

The ongoing and sustained use of birkenstock will bring the body into health as the immune system improves. The immune system is increased due to smooth blood flow, muscle and strong joints and increased range of hormones that are good for the body. You can also check on Find Hidden Health Benefits of Lying on Your Left Side Here!.

Thus the full and in-depth explanation of the health benefits of birkenstock shoes. If you are still using ordinary shoes then change your habits with a routine use of birkenstock that is able to nourish your body. Birkenstock is able to provide you with immediate and fast health benefits.