Scientific Facts of Health Benefits of Red Wine vs Grape Juice

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A glass of wine has the symbol of good moments, whether it is for a celebration of success, a gathering with friends or a romantic dinner date with your partner. In the meantime, the appearance of the red wine is often mistaken as “grape juice”. Indeed, red wine is sometimes referred to as the “grape juice” as a form of euphemism to prevent tension with those who oppose on the consumption of alcohol. So, what are the health benefits of red wine versus grape juice?

About the Red Wine

Just like the name suggests, the red wine is a type of wine made out of dark-red coloured grapes. The age of the wine is determined by the colour of liquid it produces. Younger grapes produce vivid violet liquid, more mature grape has brick red liquid plus older red wines are dark brown in colour.

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About the Grape Juice

In the mean time, grape juices are none other than liquid extracted from grapes, as a result of crushing and blending the fruits. The most popular form of grape juice is the purple grape juice made from Concord grapes, to be followed by white grape juices made out of Niagara grapes. Traditionally, grape juices are indeed further fermented in order to be made into wine.

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What are the Main Differences of their Health Benefits?

Facts about Health Benefits of Red Wine vs Grape Juice:

  1. Red Wine Contains Resveratrol

Resveratrol is sourced from plants to combat the existence of bacteria and fungi, as well as prevents ultraviolet (UV) radiation. Resveratrol comes from the grape skin and other berries such as blackberry, cranberry and blueberry. Resveratrol is suggested to boost cardiovascular health, shield the body against cancer-triggering free radicals, among others.

  1. Both of them Maintains and Improves Heart Health

Health Benefits of Red Wine vs Grape Juice – Both grape juice and red wine bring goodness for our heart in general. The red wine contains active compounds that are very useful to the heart, such as resveratrol, polyphenol and quercetin. Multiple studies have also resulted in the idea that regular wine consumption results in excellent cardiovascular health by blocking the build-up of fats, plaque as well as cholesterol on the artery walls, which can also cause the narrowing of arteries in the long run.

While then, grape juice promotes the production of nitric oxide to ensure flexibility of blood vessels in order for the blood pressure itself to remain in check for a healthy and well-functioning heart.

  1. Red Wine Improves Cholesterol Levels

Two studies have proven that red wine does indeed improve cholesterol levels. The first one is a journal by the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition. The journal associates wine consumption with an increase in HDL cholesterol, with improvement rates ranging from 11 to 16%. The second study done by Curtin University of Australia found out that regular consumption of red wine decreases LDL cholesterol and increases HDL cholesterol by 8% and 17% respectively.  

  1. Both of them Help to Manage Diabetes

Researchers from University of Massachusetts Amherst proved that red wine has the potential to slow down the distribution of glucose to the bloodstream via the intestines. If this is ignored, diabetes up to the type 2 ones can take place. While then, grape juices help to manage diabetes by enhancing metabolism and curbing hunger.

  1. Both of them are Good Sources of Weight Control

A Purdue University research proves that red wine naturally fights obesity due to piceatannol, a compound found in grapes and other berries. Piceatannol blocks fat cells’ growth. While then, grape juice is a laxative to accelerate a healthy digestion cycle. In the long run, you have a better control of your own weight.

  1. Red Wine may also Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

Research also shows that patients who follow the Mediterranean diet, consisting of red wine, vegetables, fruits, legumes, olive oil as well as fishes have 28-48% lower risks of suffering cognitive impairments that result in Alzheimer’s disease. Meanwhile, another research has also observed that other than Alzheimer’s disease, dementia can also be prevented with red wines.

  1. Both of them Protect You from Various Types of Cancer

Various types of cancer are believed to be driven away with the help of red wine as well as grape juice, such as colon cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, as well as lung cancer. Cancers can be guarded from by moderate consumption of both red wine and grape juice. The chemicals present in the skin and seeds of the grape can also save a life of a breast cancer patient. Also, antioxidants and resveratrol commonly found in grape juices also help to better guard the body against the formation of tumours. 

  1. Both of them Reduce the Potentials of Depression

A 2013 research from Spain suggested that depression can be avoided through regular consumption of red wine. This conclusion was done after experimenting with 5,500 individuals; both men and women; aged 55 to 80 years old over a timeframe of 7 years. The research found out that those who consume two to seven glasses of wine per week, after taking note of lifestyle differences, are less likely to suffer from depression.

In the meantime, depression can also be avoided with the help of grape juice thanks to its high flavonoid contents, in which flavonoid itself is a type of antioxidant found within grape juices. Flavonoid also works to reduce depression and boost energy.

  1. Both of them are Equally Good for Skin

Both grape-sourced beverages lead to a clean and healthy skin using their own ways. Research has claimed that resveratrol inside red wines have an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that are good to heal acne. Meanwhile, grape juices contain antioxidants to slow down signs of aging on the skin.

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Being sourced from grapes, it is no wonder that both beverages share nearly similar health benefits. The main difference is that, the red wine has more health benefits compared to grape juices by a slight margin. These two beverages also provide the best of both worlds because if you think that red wines are too extreme for you, then there’s always the grape juice to ready replace its health benefits. Indeed, that’s all about the facts of health benefits of red wine vs grape juice!