Benefits of Raspberry Leaves for Horses (Herbal Supplement)

We have known the Health Benefits of Raspberry Tea for women and pregnancy. But do you know that these serrated leaves are also beneficial for animal? Well, we can rely on the benefits of raspberry leaves for horses. The Benefits of Raspberry Leaves for Horses Just like the fruit, raspberry leaves also contain good amount […]

Benefits of Guava Leaves for Toothache (Proven Home Remedies)

Guava leaves have an amazing benefit for health as strong home remedies. It is very effective if we compare the accessibility and the effect of guava leave usage. Well, we can find guava leaves anywhere near our house and we can use it based on our needs. The old medication had been relied on Health […]

Benefits of Avocado Leaves for Cancer (Prevention and Medication)

Avocado might be everyone’s sweetheart because of its delicate texture and delicious taste. Besides, avocado is very beneficial for health, as it contains many health benefits such as Health Benefits of Avocado for Weight Loss and Health Benefits of Avocado During Pregnancy. Besides, avocado has big contribution to support our beauty. It is proven by […]

Benefits of Mulching Leaves into My Grass – Saving Time, Energy and Money

Gardening could be really fun but could be really frustrating as well. It is depending on how much you know about the art of gardening. Dried leaves from fallen tree could be really annoying, especially when they cover your beautiful grass. Some people may not think twice to rake them off from their lawn but […]

Surprising Health Benefits of African Eggplant Leaves Revealed!

Have you ever eaten African eggplant leaves? The eggplant itself known as aubergine, garden egg, guinea squash, melongene, and brinjal. It actually has an egg-like shape and a vibrant purple color. As a matter of fact, the African eggplant has the source of fiber and other nutrients as well. However, in this case, we will […]

Here are Secret Benefits of Papaya Leaves for Skin You Should Know

Taking care of skin health and appearance is very important if you are self-conscious. Also, it can keep you away from skin diseases. There are many options in skin treatment, you can use manufactured skin care product, go to a beauty clinic, or you can try back to nature, using herbs. The latter is the […]

11 Exceptional Benefits of Papaya Leaves for Diabetes – Powerful Herbs

Papaya leaves, apparently, is not only eaten as side salad. It provides more than culinary uses. In some parts of the world, it has been used in traditional health treatment. It is believed to effective against chronic diseases, such as asthma, arthritis, cancer, and diabetes. For the latter, papaya leaves provides many benefits that support […]

10 Benefits of Papaya Leaves Tea – #1 Traditional Herbal Medicine

Papaya is, without a doubt, one of the best fruit for health treatment. It has vast range of benefits, especially in herbal (natural) medications. It is commonly found in fruit salad as ingredients, and sold in almost every market. Personally, the writer of this article has been told by his doctor to consume more papaya […]

Benefits of Basil Leaves for Eyes Health That You Need to Know

The scientific name of basil is Ocimum Basilicum. It is known as the royal herb as well as the king of herbs as it can cure a wide variety of health problems from menstrual cramps to eyes and oral health all the way to diabetes. Basil maybe possibly native to India and have been cultivated […]

17 Useful Benefits of Leaves of Peepal for Health – Proven Herbal Cure

In this modern day where the cure of your disease can be found in a small pill, a classic and traditional herbal medicines are still being used. For example, in India, there is ayurveda, which is a group of herbal plants used for health purposes. In Indonesia, there is jamu, a beverage entirely composed of […]