Find Out about the Benefits of Gerger Leaves!

Consuming vegetables and fruits regularly is one of the healthy lifestyle recommended. Those who are consuming more fruits and vegetables are considered healthier compared to those who aren’t. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who are not creative enough when it comes to the choice of vegetables. What do you know about the benefits […]

16 Superb Benefits of Aak Leaves for Health That You Never Knew!

Using herbal plants is a natural and very affordable way to treat a person’s health. Some of them are free, and easy to get. They are available out there, either grow wild or cultivated by farmer. Some of major herbal plants are native of Asia. One of them is aak plant, or in language of […]

Benefits of Pau D’Arco Leaves for Health Treatments

You may have heard about Pau d’arco leaves. Yes, Pau d’arco leaves are well-known history of use by the ancient tribes. Inca Empire was one of the tribe that used Pau D’arco leaves. Inca Empire used the leaves for treating wound due to tribal wars. Other than Inca Empire, Guarani and Tupi Indians also well-documented […]

Health Benefits of White Borneo Kratom – Side Effects and Recommendation

Indonesia, known abroad as a heaven of biodiversity both plants and animals. In Indonesia, still have widely tropical rain forest in sumatra and borneo, where is the plants and animals living on. Based of Information Center in 2010, Indonesia have 30.000 species of plants (around 80% of world’s plants) and 940 species have benefit as […]

Incredible Health Benefits of Indian Borage – Proven Herbal Cure

Improving body health needs a lot of effort, especially when it comes to securing serious diseases such as cancer, heart attack or others. Many people have spent millions of money to get prevented and healed from particular diseases by consuming chemical medicine and go to the hospital. However, starting today, let us just not talk […]

Unexpected Benefits of Mint Leaves for Diabetes Treatment

Mint (Mentha) is a genus of plants in the family Lamiaceae (mint family). Being one of the most popular ancient herbs grown throughout the world, mint has been used since ancient times for its aroma and medicinal properties. When it’s added to food, mint will give such uniquely nice taste and smell. Mint leaves contain vitamin A, C, B12, riboflavin, […]

Unpredictable Guduchi Benefits for Diabetes Treatment

Diabetes is one of the deadliest diseases suffered by many Indonesians. The cause of diabetes is increased blood sugar levels in the body. Unhealthy eating patterns are often the main cause of this disease. Although sometimes diabetics can also be caused by hereditary factors. However, currently, people with diabetes can consume natural remedies to treat […]

Benefits of Curry Leaves for Pregnancy – Every Mom Should Know!

Most of Pregnant Mother Problems  Kimberly from Kentucky, USA shares her worries with us for her 7-week pregnancy. “Not only have I had to deal with the morning sickness and constant nausea, now I have to deal with the diarrhea like a combo packet for real. I planned my weeklong meal with certified nutritionist and […]

Natural Benefits of Hibiscus Leaves for Hair Treatments – How to Use It

Hibiscus is a genus of flowering plants belong to the mallow family, Malvaceae. The use of Hibiscus has been known from ages and one of the popular products made from Hibiscus flowers is Hibiscus tea. But, you know what? This beautiful plant has many uses for your hair’s health and hygiene. To get the benefits of this plant for your hair, you […]

13 Interesting Health Benefits of Sorghum Leaves – #1 For Detoxification

There are some health benefits of sorghum leaves that might not really familiar by the people. The sorghum leaves itself also rare to find. Including in Asia, since this plant is origin from Africa and only grow well in those country. Furthermore, the population is not many. Hence, it is not easy to get the […]