10 Benefits of Papaya Leaves Tea – #1 Traditional Herbal Medicine

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Papaya is, without a doubt, one of the best fruit for health treatment. It has vast range of benefits, especially in herbal (natural) medications. It is commonly found in fruit salad as ingredients, and sold in almost every market. Personally, the writer of this article has been told by his doctor to consume more papaya fruit to help cure his constipation. That means, papaya plays important role in medical treatment.

The leaves, seeds, and fruit of papaya trees are all useful in traditional medication and edible. Especially, the leaves can be boiled to be served in mixed vegetable cuisine, or made into tea. The papaya leaves tea have been used in some parts of the world to treat malaria. But, there are more benefits that papaya leaves tea can offer. Along with other herbal teas, e.g. health benefits lemongrass tea, papaya leaves tea provides a vast range of benefits, such as for culinary use, medical, recycling, fertilizer, etc. Check these benefits of papaya leaves tea.

Nutritional Value of Papaya Leaves Tea

Papaya leaves contains high nutritive value. Almost every nutrients you need are present in papaya leaves. According to specific studies, it is known that 100 g papaya leaves contains these following substances :

  • 179 kJ (43 kcal) energy
  • 10.82 g carbohydrates
  • 7.82 sugar
  • 1.7 g dietary fiber
  • 0.26 g fat
  • 0.47 protein
  • 47 μg vitamin A
  • 274 μg beta carotene
  • 89 μg lutein zeaxanthin
  • 0.023 mg thiamine (B1)
  • 0.027 mg riboflavin (B2)
  • 0.357 mg niacin (B3)
  • 0.191 mg pantothenic acid (B5)
  • 38 μg folate (B9)
  • 62 mg vitamin C
  • 0.3 mg vitamin E
  • 2.6 μg vitamin K
  • 20 mg calcium
  • 0.25 mg iron
  • 21 mg magnesium
  • 0.04 mg manganese
  • 10 mg phosphorus
  • 182 mg potassium
  • 8 mg sodium
  • 0.08 mg zinc
  • 88 g water
  • 1828 μg lycopene

Papaya leaves also contains carpaine, papain, copper, cobalt, methyl salycilate, alkaloids, choline, and other beneficial nutrients. Now to make papaya leaves tea you can follow these steps :

  • Prepare 3-5 medium-sized leaves from the tree.
  • Boil the leaves in two liters of hot water. Wait until the water reduced in half.
  • Remove the leaves and the infusion is ready to drink.

OK, let’s see the benefits of papaya leaves tea :

1. Papaya leaves tea helps reduce hypertension

Did you know that papaya leaves contains a anti-parasite nutrient known as carpaine? Based on scientific researches, carpaine is very effective against parasites in intestine, especially worms, as well as decreasing the heart rate. The latter makes papaya leaves tea a perfect herbal medicine for people with hypertension or high blood pressure. More informations about herbal tea can be found in health benefits black cherry herbal tea.

2. Papaya leaves tea helps cure constipation

Another powerful benefits of papaya leaves tea. Have you been diagnosed with constipation? Or just difficulty in bowel movement? The lack of some nutritive value (particularly fiber) may lead to difficulty in passing bowel movement and cause the stool to be hard and dry. This condition is called constipation in medical language.

If the constipation is still mild, you can try drinking papaya leaves tea to ease the passing. Papaya leaves tea is believed to be laxative, and is rich in dietary fiber. These two properties makes it health benefits of sword bean.

3. Papaya leaves tea boosts your immunity

One of handy benefits of papaya leaves tea. Due to its high nutritive value, papain, vitamin C, and antibacterial properties, papaya leaves is believed to boost immune system. Thus, you will not affected by viruses or easily.

4. Papaya leaves tea is beneficial for skin health

Due to its high amount of vitamins, and a nutrient called papain (known for its specialty in skin treatment), papaya leaves tea nourishes skin from the inside, helps heal skin diseases (e.g. acne, ulcer, inflammation, wounds, etc), and prevent premature aging by reducing prominent lines and lifting dead skin cells simultaneously. Also check health benefits of camu camu for more benefits for skin.

5. Papaya leaves tea benefits weight loss

Another health benefits of papaya leaves tea. While it doesn’t give you energy to burn, papaya leaves tea supports weight loss in other way : improving your metabolism, relaxing blood pressure, and improving your sleep pattern. It contains almost no fat and sugar. So, instead of buying “weight loss tea” which they claimed can reduce your weight, using papaya leaves tea is safer, cheaper, and more chance of weight loss.

6. Papaya leaves tea has strong antioxidant properties

Usually, any herbal tea, traditional or not, always contain antioxidants. Papaya leaves tea is one of herbal tea with highest antioxidants. It helps fight off free radicals to prevent future diseases (e.g. cancer). You can combine it with other herbs to get maximum results. 

7. Papaya leaves tea is effective againts diabetes

Protecting againts and helps treat diabetes are one of the best benefits of papaya leaves tea. Many experts have recommended people with diabetes genetic and high blood pressure and blood sugar consume more papaya-derived herbal medicine health benefits black bean burgers, including the fruit and the leaves.

Why is papaya leaves tea recommended for diabetes? It’s simple, papaya leaves provides all that is needed to prevent and/or heal diabetes : diuretic properties, vitamins, low sugar composition, etc.

8. Papaya leaves tea helps maintain intestine health

The combination of laxative, diuretic, digestive, and antimicrobial properties in papaya leaves tea helps clean the intestine from unnecessary waste and parasites. So, your stomach will feel better and boost overall health condition. Also, according to researches, a good stomach will help you stay energetic all day, and boost your confidence.

9. Papaya leaves tea helps cure certain types of fever

Many people believe, any type of drink when served in hot or warm temperature can help speed up the recovery from fever or fever-like diseases. Well, they have a point,especially if the hot drink is papaya leaves tea. Drink papaya leaves tea before taking a rest (even better if combined with special medicines) to heal fever quickly.

10. It helps treat inflammation

Papaya leaves tea is a strong anti-inflammation agent. Its high amount of vitamin B really help in reducing inflammation. Thus, it can protect against various diseases caused by inflammation (e.g. bronchitis, asthma, etc).

Cautions in Using Papaya Leaves Tea

Please make sure you boil the leaves long enough to kill all the bacteria. Also, only gather young leaves to get the best results.