Discover The Health Benefits of Indian Head Massage and How It Works

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The Indian head massage is a holistic body treatment that does not only cover the head, but also its surrounding areas such as the face, neck as well as shoulders. The primary aim of the Indian head massage is to restore the body’s energy into balance. It is also part of the Ayurvedic healthcare culture, which has existed for as long as several thousand years. How does the Indian head massage work? And what advantages will you get? At this article we will discover and learn the health benefits of Indian head massage.

Briefing of the Indian Head Massage

The Indian head massage does not only provide relaxation to a person’s physique, but it also extends to the inner soul. This is possible because in philosophy, the Indian head massage reaches the three higher out of the seven “chakras”; mind, body as well as spirit. According to yoga and Ayurvedic medicinal definition, chakras are the seven main sources of a body’s spiritual power.

It is so relaxing that it detaches the soul from the body, and make it as serene as how it is like to be in touch with heaven or God. This is perhaps the highest level of peace and relaxation that one can get in real life. In the meantime, to emphasize the balancing the distribution of energy, fragrant oils and herbs are also used as prescribed in Ayurvedic traditions.

How it Works

Th Indian head massage is a form of deep massage that involves quite a number of techniques, such as circular strokes on the scalp, scalp rubbing, circular strokes that follow the contour of the spine, deep tissue massaging on the shoulders, neck tilts and stretches, and more. One complete session of it should take approximately half an hour to 45 minutes.

But then before that, one should consult the therapist regarding any health conditions or medications being undergone, because that helps the therapist to determine what herbs or oils are best to suit that particular condition.

These are the health benefits of aromatherapy massage.

What are its Health Benefits?

Here are the health benefits of Indian head massage:

  1. Indian Head Massage Prevent Migraine, Headaches, as well as Back Pain

Tensions surrounding the upper back and shoulders, plus migraines and benefits massage tension headaches not only cause burden in carrying out daily activities, but then they may also lead to complications when ignored for a long time. These aches that can be healed on point with Indian head massage, because it touches the affected areas directly.

  1. Indian Head Massage Promotes a Healthy Scalp

The circular presses on the scalp makes it healthier by promoting hair growth. This is so because the fingers interact with the hair follicles in addition to providing oxygen supply so that it stimulates hair growth and nourishment.

  1. Indian Head Massage also Detoxifies the Body

Indian head massage detoxifies the body through the improvement of lymphatic drainage and improve blood flow to the oxygen. That also helps to remove waste from the body.

  1. Indian Head Massage Relieves any Form of Restlessness

Restlessness, such as exhaustion and insomnia are partially caused by health risks of stress. Indian head massage will right away diminish side effects of stress and provides peace and relaxation in return, thanks to the treatments present in a typical massage.

  1. Indian Head Massage Lifts Up the Mood

Indian head massage cheers us up and lifts the mood by reducing anxiety and symptoms of depression. Many people underestimate the negative impacts of these two on the physical health. Anxiety and depression can be reduced naturally by the increased flow of oxygen to the brain, which also increases its power. Indian head massage’s way of boosting mood up is similar to that of exercises. 

  1. Indian Head Massage Refreshes and Rebalances Energy

The refreshing and rebalancing of energy is possible as described in Ayurvedic theories, which emphasizes that balancing is also crucial in addition to just healing. Since it also deals with the seven chakras, sure this message also gives a balanced redistribution of energy when performed under the suggested state of mind.

  1. Indian Head Massage Strengthens the Memory

The spiritual benefit of Indian head massage strengthens the memory by eliminating brain fog, stress and tensions of daily life. With that way, one is able to think and concentrate better yet clearer.

  1. Indian Head Massage Supports Muscular Flexibility

This Ayurvedic massage involves intense treatment of the back muscles, the facial muscles, neck, as well as shoulders. The treatment of the areas above relieves aches, pains as well as tension to achieve muscular flexibility.

  1. Indian Head Massage Leads to Ultimate Peace and Tranquillity

Indian head massage leads to ultimate peace and tranquillity to the point that one starts to become speechless in great comfort due to detachment in between the body and soul. Peace leads us a stress-free state of mind, which is very important to prevent ourselves from the risks of diseases.

  1. Indian Head Massage Restores the 7 Chakras

According to Ayurvedic traditional healthcare, the seven Chakras are the crown (sahasrara), third eye (anja), throat (vissudha), heart (anahata), solar plexus (manipura), sacral (sradisthana) and the root (muladhara) as sorted from head to toe. The Indian head massage balances out the sahasrara, anja as well as vissudha parts of the seven chakras.

These are the health benefits ayurvedic massage.

Advices on the Indian Head Massage

Advanced consultation with the therapist is necessary for anyone with the following conditions;

  • Pregnant
  • Having a Recent Injury or Recovery from a Surgery
  • Undergoing a Medication
  • Having Serious Illnesses
  • Suffering from Skin Allergies
  • Have any Abnormal Scalp Conditions

This is so because it allows the therapist to alter the treatment or oils used to better suit the conditions of that person.

During appointment, it is best to wear loose clothing to promote relaxation and allows freedom of movement as compared to tighter clothes. And then, it is important to take note that although Indian head massage is good for the hair or scalp, it may not be friendly for most hairstyles due to the massaging movements involved. To reduce messy hair, perhaps a hair band or cap is recommended for protection.