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Improving body health needs a lot of effort, especially when it comes to securing serious diseases such as cancer, heart attack or others. Many people have spent millions of money to get prevented and healed from particular diseases by consuming chemical medicine and go to the hospital. However, starting today, let us just not talk about the chemical medicine anymore.

First, such medicine has a lot of side effects and dependency. Hence, even though you will be recovered fast, there is still a lot of chemical processes that hurt a lot. Second, there is a lot of herbal medicine with lesser side effects that you can try.

Nutrients of Indian Borage

Indian Borage is one of the best herbs with a bunch of benefits that you can get by consuming this herb in a proper way. Indian Borage, or Plectranthus amboinicus, is often called as the Mexican Mint or Spanish thyme. Compared with other kinds of mint, the Indian Borage has a typical aroma which is similar to oregano. This herb is growing well in Africa and the tropical countries.

Nonetheless, as many people have known and experienced the health benefits of Indian Borage, you can find many of its supplements distributed in many countries around the world.  Here are the nutrients of Indian Borage:

  • Manganese
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Minerals
  • Calories
  • Omega-6
  • Copper
  • Iron

With all of those nutrients, the Indian Borage can be beneficial for improving your body health. This herb is not even less powerful than the health benefits of Yanang leaves. These years, the researchers found that Indian Borage is effective in giving these following benefits for our body.

1. Healing the respiratory diseases and fever

The first point comes to the list of health benefits of Indian Borage is curing the respiratory diseases. As we know, there are many drugs of cold, sinus or other respiratory diseases that are made with a mint extract. Hence, the benefits of this plant have been well-known, don’t you think so?

However, still and all, consuming the chemical version will not be as healthy as the natural ones. Hence, why don’t we consume the original ones? If you get cold or congestion, you can boil the Indian Borage and drink the boiled water as if you drink a tea. Besides, you can chew the borage as well.

Indian Borage has great compounds that will work well as an expectorant in getting yourself recovered from any respiratory diseases. The compounds are beneficial in getting the phlegm and mucus out of your body and eliminate the sinuses. Besides, the Indian Borage also works as a sudorific. It means that this herb will help you get toxic out of your body once you get cold or fever. Hence, the recovering process will get faster and you will get your fit condition back.

2. Treats the kidney disease

If you are currently suffering from any kidney disease, there are a lot of herbal alternatives such as Plantain Water that you can consume. Otherwise, consuming the Indian Borage is a good solution as well.

In addition, with its powerful nutrients, the Indian Borage is not only beneficial in healing the kidney disease but also any diseases related to the stomachs inflammation. Consuming this herb is also perfect to prevent such diseases. Still and all, the best way to consume the herb is to boil the leaves and drink the water as if you drink a cup of tea.  

3. Improving your immune system

Another health benefit of Indian Borage is to improve the immune system. The Indian Borage has a high compound of ascorbic acid. This compound is beneficial in boosting the immune system. Hence, our body will be secured and be able to prevent any diseases, especially the cold and fevers.

4. Prevent cancer

The composition of omega-6 gamma-linoleic acids in the herb is very effective in preventing cancer. This compound will also be useful to improve our immune system. The omega-6 works as an antioxidant which is effective in healing or preventing developing cancer within our body, especially the breast cancer.

These days, the scientist is currently finding out whether the Indian Borage can also be effective in healing the prostate cancer. All in all, if you are suffering from cancer or want to avoid it, you can drink the Indian Borage tea every day. This herb can also be useful in being an aromatherapy for cancer patients.

5. Healing stress and depression

The next health benefit of Indian Borage is healing stress and depression. The Indian Borage has a lot of minerals which is needed in healing stress and depression. Therefore, if you have a trauma, stressed or even depression, the nutrients compounded in the Indian Borage will be helpful for you to get out from the disease. The consumption of the herb will be better than consuming the chemical ones, right? 

6. Skin care

Following the other health benefits of Indian Borage above, skin care becomes another health benefit of the herb. The Indian Borage is powerful as an anti-inflammatory compound that is effective in healing any skin diseases such as redness, itchiness, and irritation on our skin.

7. Treats allergic

If you have a problem with animal feathers and currently suffering from allergic, you can consume the Indian Borage tea to heal your allergic. The Indian Borage has such an ability since this herb contains the compounds that support the improvement of the immune system. Hence, your body will be secured and able to prevent any diseases including but not limited to allergic.

8. Healing the puffing stomach

Most of us have ever experienced the puffing stomach. Nonetheless, not all of us know that the Indian Borage can be a great solution in healing the puffing stomach. The Indian Borage tea will give a warming sensation which is effective in clearing the gas within our stomach.

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Cautions of Indian Borage

In general, the Indian Borage does not have a significant side effect. Nonetheless, if you have a sensitive skin, you better watch out your contact with the bristly Indian Borage leaves and stems. In addition, if you are currently going on a pregnancy or breastfeed, you better stop your consumption due to the herb’s potent mixture of chemicals and compounds.