Health Benefits of Bhel Puri – Indian Favorite Cuisine with Recipe

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Snacking is a favourite pastime normally used to give the stomach some content in between meal times. Now here’s the thing; some of us worry that snacking either makes us gain weight or is not filling enough.

Well, for fans of Indian cuisine, look no further, because bhel puri is here to save the day! What is bhel puri? And what are the health benefits of bhel puri?

What is Bhel Puri?

Bhel puri is an Indian “chaat” type of savoury snack made of health benefits of eating puffed rice, vegetables like potatoes, sev, tomatoes, chilis, onions, chaat masala, chutney, and a tangy tamarind seasoning base. Originating from the city of Mumbai, the wide array of ingredients used provide a perfect combination gives it a sweet, salty, savoury, spicy and crispy flavour.

Visually, it looks like health benefits of fried rice, however the main difference in between the two are that bhel puri is spicier and is a snack, whereas fried rice is less spicier and a main course.

There are five notable variants of bhel puri, which are;

  1. Bhel Sevpuri – Made of bhel puri, papdi, sev and chutney.
  2. Dahi Bhelpuri – Made of bhel puri, papdi, dahi yoghurt and chutney.
  3. Sev papdi chaat – Similar to bhel sevpuri, with intensified chutney, potato and chaat masala content.
  4. Churmuri – Finely chopped tomato, onion and potato pieces are mixed with chilli powder, with a touch of coconut oil. Ground nuts may be added too sometimes.
  5. Healthy High-Protein Bhel Puri – Bhel puri that is made of healthier diet-friendly ingredients, such as sprouts, nuts, raisins, and muesli flakes.

What are its Health Benefits?

  1. Puffed Rice is a Gluten-Free Grain

First, puffed rice is a good example of a gluten free grain, with a decent supplement of B vitamins as well. Glutens are a family of proteins found in several types of grain.

Gluten is also hazardous to some people because it may lead to wheat allergy, wheat intolerance and also celiac disease.

  1. Onions Help to Achieve Multiple Health Benefits

There are multiple health benefits that one can discover in onions. They contain sulphur which turns out to be wonderful for the skin.

They also contain fibre, and do great in fighting conditions that range from common cold to cancer and high blood pressure!

  1. Tomatoes Have Vitamin C

Tomatoes have a high vitamin C content, which is heavily needed by the body for immunity. On the other hand, tomato’s lycopene is also a good cancer-fighting device.

  1. Potatoes are a Source of Potassium

Potatoes contain high values of potassium, which contributes to the body by lowering blood pressure and stress levels.

  1. Green Chutney is also Filled With Healthy Ingredients

Green chutney is also filled with ingredients that contribute to health in their own ways; mint cools the body, coriander is rich in iron plus calcium, while green chilis are great for weight management.

How to Cook Bhel Puri



  1. Gather all ingredients, mix them well.
  2. For the green chutney, grind the ingredients mentioned inside the bracket well, and add a touch of lemon juice afterwards.
  3. While for the date chutney, cook and puree the dried dates, and add dried ginger powder afterwards.
  4. Garnish with sev and coriander leaves.
  5. Bhel puri is now ready to be served!