Rise and Shine with The Health Benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil for Hair

Olive oil has long known by the mankind for a long time ago. Back in the date of 8th century BC, Neolithic people had tried to use it as meals, and sometimes skin and hair treatment. Firstly, people used the wild olive tree that grew mainly around the Mediterranean. Somehow, there is no strong evidence […]

6 Best Benefits of Washing Hair with Baking Soda

To have a good hair treatment, you can count on the natural ingredients such as olive oil, yogurt, and aloe vera as well. With the good nutrients contained in natural ingredients, you can achieve the healthy and shiny hair for sure. Not only for this way, but you must also consume the healthy foods to […]

13 Amazing Benefits of Washing Hair with African Black Soap

Notably most woman might think hair is your crown as a woman. Then in a matter of fact maybe you are the one who is struggling with your hair problems. And you might be the one who already wasted money for the solution. Thus you should try washing hair with African black soap for you […]

10 Benefits of Washing Hair with Baking Soda and Apple Cider Vinegar

Modern people are likely to implement the “back to nature.” Some of them consider that it is better to use traditional way in their daily consumption product because of the chemical substances that affecting the health they want to ignore. Therefore, the use of natural products or item in daily needs improves. For example, people […]

18 Benefits of Yogurt for Beauty – How to Use Tips

For the sake of beauty sometimes people, especially women, don’t care about how much money they should pay, how much time they should spend or how much pain they should endure. However, do you know that for natural beauty, what you need is natural way? Why don’t you open your kitchen cabinets or refrigerators and […]

18 Benefits of Parsley for Hair and Skin (#1 Top Homemade Treatments)

Being green means being healthy. Well, it also applies with herbs and parsley is one of the green herbs that is not only flavoring your food but also offering you a lot of benefits to your healthy lifestyle, especially for beauty sake because parsley is packed with nutrients that are great for hair and skin. […]

30 Benefits of Vitamin C for Hair (#1 Natural Treatments)

Our hair builds our appearance. We think that it’s so important that we put hair mask, gel, and other treatments to make it look good. All the treatments cost a lot and it usually doesn’t last long. What if there is a natural way to keep your hair healthy and shining? You probably have consumed […]

26 Health Benefits of Shea Butter For Hair #Top 1 Beauty Tricks

What is Shea Butter? Shea butter is a peanut fat that comes from the Shea-Karite tree, which can only be found in Africa. Shea Butter After harvesting from Shea-Karite nut tree boiled to remove the liquid in it. This liquid turns out to be frozen at cold temperatures and is the only ingredient in pure […]