Get these 5 Health Benefits of Elderberry Powder

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Elderberries are dark purple fruits which are native to Europe. There are various parts of elderberry tree which have been proven to be able to treat various health conditions. Hence, elderberries have been a popular remedy for treating flu and cold today as being stated in health benefits of elderberry.

Elderberries are made into several products, such as syrup. If you like elderberry syrup, then you may be able to enjoy these health benefits of elderberry syrup. Besides elderberry syrup, there is another product made of elderberries.

It is called elderberry powder. It is considered as an excellent addition to any meal plan. Despite its slightly bitter taste, it is really good for your body. How good is elderberry powder for your health? Let’s check these 7 health benefits of consuming elderberry powder!

  • Rich in Nutrients

Elderberries have a high content of nutrients, such as vitamin C and dietary fiber. The vitamin C is able to fight off free radicals that spawn diseases. The dietary fiber is also helpful to convert the food into energy too, so it is good for trimming your waistline. It makes you full longer.

Besides, elderberry powder also contains flavonoids and phenolic acids. These two compounds are beneficial to avoid oxidative stress.

  • Fight Cold and Flu

These days, when Covid-19 sweeps the world, people shouldn’t avoid getting flu and cold. One of the ways is to consume elderberry powder. Scientists have found the benefits of consuming elderberry powder: speeding recovery from influenza.

Flu can also be treated by some other methods, such as using ginger root and onions. Read these benefits of ginger root for colds and flu and benefits of onions for cold and fly symptoms.

There is another study which took 312 airplane travelers as the samples during flu season. They took the elderberry capsules containing elderberry powder three times a day. The result showed that those who took those capsules recovered faster when they got sick.

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  • Relieve Pain

Elderberry powder is an excellent additional ingredient for post-workout recovery. It is due to its anti-inflammatory vitamins and minerals. These nutrients are able to ease achy joints and relieve sore muscles.

Elderberry gets its hue from a group of pigments called anthocyanins. These pigments are some of the most potent natural anti-inflammatory agents in the world.

  • Support Skin Health

Again, the antioxidant content in elderberry powder makes it ideal for skincare remedy. The antioxidants help to conquer free radicals which spark inflammation. We all know that inflammation damages healthy skin cells. Chronic inflammation can even cause clammy, dull and wrinkly skin and it might lead to premature aging.

Fortunately, elderberry powder’s high antioxidant levels help rejuvenate dying skin cells. They help generate blood flow to the area to help clear out dead cells and bacteria which might dull the skin’s appearance.

Elderberries is also high in vitamin C content. Vitamin C is essential for collagen growth and able to manipulate the mRNA of collagen which builds DNA and skin cells.

Vitamin C, therefore, produces collagen faster. The constant production of collagen will enhance the skin structure and healthy glow. No more wrinkly or dull skin!

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  • Treat Constipation

Due to the high content of dietary fiber, elderberry powder is good for treating constipation. It enables the healthy bacteria to grow stronger. Without these bacteria to consume the fiber, we can end up bloated.

Fortunately, probiotics consume prebiotics. They produce metabolites as a waste.

Aside from those health benefits, there are some side effects of consuming raw elderberries. Raw elderberries can contain plant-based compounds which are known as lectins: the anti-nutrients.

These nutrients can bind onto other vitamins and minerals. As a result, those nutrients can be useless to the body. Lectins can also be problematic to some people’s system to break down.

Besides, raw elderberries can also cause some gastrointestinal discomfort. Consuming too many elderberries may cause nausea or vomiting as well.

Instead of consuming raw elderberry, you can try consuming elderberry tea too. It gives as many benefits as the other products. You can consider to start consuming it after reading these health benefits of elderberry tea. It is not only a tea, it is rich in nutrients your body needs!