12 Benefits of Boxing for Females Body and Health Management

One of the exercise that challenging and bring advantage is through benefits of boxing foe females body and health. It is a kind of activity which can strength the muscle, body and endurance. Therefore, female boxing is start to popular around the world and available in many of gym studio. Female boxing is not like […]

15 Excellent Health Benefits of Pineapple for Females

It is said that females need more complex nutrition compared to male. Therefore, it is important for female to closely pay attention to the healthy diet intake. To fulfill the need of healthy diet, we can’t skip fruits. Many fruits considered to be good for female health, such bitter kola with health benefits of  Health […]

15 Best Health Benefits of Sits Up for Females Everyday

Doing exercise will bring many advantages, including the health benefits of sits up for females. The era making various food is giving too many fat into the body. Not to mention the risk of having various diseases due to the eating behavior. Therefore, to balance the condition, it needs proper exercise and fitness. This can […]

12 Health Benefits Of Muay Thai for Females Body Shape

Exercise is not only fun, but there also some health benefits of Muay Thai for females. It is now a common sports and loveable by many females. No wonder that currently Muay Thai class is fully booked and Muay Thai personal trainer is having double session every day. This is one of the sport that […]