12 Health Benefits Of Muay Thai for Females Body Shape

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Exercise is not only fun, but there also some health benefits of Muay Thai for females. It is now a common sports and loveable by many females. No wonder that currently Muay Thai class is fully booked and Muay Thai personal trainer is having double session every day. This is one of the sport that start to be a hit sport in early 2000 in Jakarta and the demand become increasing every year.

Muay Thai is a very specific and interesting sport that comes from Thailand. It is more likely with kick boxing and a mix with martial arts too. This exercise has been known bring many benefits for the body. Nowadays, in its development, this sport become one of the populer choice in giving body strength and help with the wright loss.

Even though the exercise looks hard, but current professional trainer has develop an easy step for woman to easily get practice on this kind of sport. The point is to regularly move the arms and leg to increase endurance, power, stamina and loss many energy in one session. Therefore, it is one of the unique favorite kind of sport that bring numerous advantage.

Various Benefit Of Muay Thai In Health

For more health benefits of muay thai for females, see below points:

1. Weight Loss

The first benefit that lovable by most woman is that this kind of exercise can lead to weight loss in shorter time. Every exercise can lead to a high burn of calories. Therefore, it can help to fasten loose of the weight and keep the body weight in normal.

Furthermore, it is a high impact exercise that will easily maintain the body weight for long period. This is the same health benefits tulsi tea weight loss that can help to loose the weight too.

2. Endurance

Doing the Muay Thai exercise will lead to a better endurance for most woman. Therefore, frequent practice every week of this sport can bring to a better body strength and stamina. It can help the body to optimally keep immunity and avoid the possibility of experience yearly fever.

3. Strength Muscle

The exercise also a good way to manage a strength muscle. This exercise will optimize and focus in to leg and arm muscle. Therefore, no wonder if having this sport for several months can result a great strength and lean muscle. This is the same health benefits fish oil muscle buildings that can help to build up a strength muscle for woman too.

4. Stress Relieve

Exercise always a good way to manage as a stress relieve. Including Muay Thai that can help woman to express her stress and relieve it during the session. Therefore, it is a suit type of exercise for those woman which a hard worker that receive many works at the office.

5. PMS

Another health benefits of Muay Thai for females including to help to soothe down the PMS syndrome. This is good to manage feeling, mind and hormones during PMS. Therefore, frequent activities of Muay Thai every week can lead to regular schedule of PMS. This is the same health benefits of vervain herb that can help with PMS syndrome too. 

6. Avoid Insomnia

Since the sport is good to managing stress, it is good to produce a better sleep too. Therefore, it is one of the option to avoid the possibility of experience insomnia. The way this exercise taking so much energy to perform will lead to tiredness and bring a better quality time of sleeping.

7. Great Abs

Doing Muay Thai every week can lead to a better great abs. This is a dream by many females. Since having a great abs is one of the passion in many type of females sports. Therefore, this can be a choice for a quick way in shaping the great abs. This is the same health benefits of gongura leaves that can help to produce a great abs too.

8. Body Shape

The frequent exercise of Muay Thai will also can lead to a good body shape. Since it will shape the muscle and build up a good leg and arm. Therefore, it is suitable for maintain the body weight including the shape too.

9. Increase Metabolic

The sport also benefit to increase body metabolic rate. Therefore, it can optimize the change from food into energy for the activities necessity. This is the same health benefits of aronia berry juice that can increase body metabolism system too.

10. Balance Hormones

Another advantage of Muay Thai for females including to balance the hormones. Therefore, it can lead to a better feeling and produce regular PMS schedule. 

11. Avoid Obesity

Muay Thai might be the perfect choice for those woman who want to avoid obesity. Furthermore, it can help to reduce the obesity and lead to a better body weight if perform regularly at least two or three times a week.

12. Increase Stamina

Another benefit including to increase the body stamina for most females. Therefore, it can help to perform a better body immunity and help to fight the possibility if experience any diseases or infection.

Cautions And Recommendations

This sport is one of the unique sport with numerous benefits. However, there are some cautions that need to attend before doing the exercise. For further information, see below recommendations:

  • Pregnant woman shall not doing this kind of exercise. Since it is possible to lead to miscarriage due to the hard activities inside it which might be harmful for pregnancy.
  • Woman with serious heart condition shall avoid practicing this sports, since it will fasten the heart beat and can lead to serious heart attack.
  • Woman experience obesity shall train the body in several steps and avoid to directly practice a high impact to avoid any harmful possibility. It is suggested to consult with professional trainer to avoid any sport accident during the practice.
  • Use a proper equipment to avoid the possibility of injury while doing the exercise.

Those are all the benefits and the cautions when decide to have Muay Thai exercise. This sport is fun and healthy. But don’t forget to check above recommendation for more safety. Therefore, it can help the health in optimum way and avoid the possibility of any unwanted injuries.