Benefits of Puri Bhaji – Northern Indian Snack

Puri Bhaji is a snack from India, made of puri and aloo (potato) bhaji. It is a customary breakfast dish in North India. Puri Bhaji is generally connected with the province of Maharashtra however, varieties of the bhaji or vegetable readiness and puris are additionally served in different states. Check out more about Health Benefits […]

Benefits of Vada Pav for Weight Loss – Is It Healthy?

As a food, Vada Pav is inseparable from the city of Mumbai. Almost every citizen, from factory workers to Bollywood stars, did not hesitate to express their love for this snack. More than two million of these crispy and delicious sandwiches are consumed in the financial center and the largest metropolis in India every day. […]

Benefits of Vada Pav The Indian Burger, Junk or Healthy?

Have you ever heard of the name Vada Pav? If you have recently visit India, or you came from a family with some Indian Culture, you might notice that these words represent one of the common and loved food in India, especially from its city of origin, Mumbai. Mumbai is the largest city in India, […]

13 Research-Based Health Benefits of Meatless Diet

Vegan and vegetarian do some kinds of meatless diet for some reasons. Despite the religious reason, the other reason is for the health reason. Well, they believe that they will get the health benefits of meatless diet by such lifestyle. Different with vegan, vegetarian don’t eat fish, chicken and meat but still eat any dairy […]

Top 12 List of Health Benefits of Being Vegetarian for You

Vegetarian is more than just a lifestyle, it is a choice of life. It is because you cannot just following the trend of eating greens but you should make a commitment of the lifetime to stay that way, not only the way you eat but also the way you live. What Is Vegetarian? Vegetarian which […]