27 Health Benefits of Water and Lemon (Top #1 Refreshing Drink)

Lemon water is one of a kind refreshing alternative drink. Besides to having a fresh sour taste, lemon water has a lot of content, because it is rich in vitamins and nutrients. The fruit is usually used as a decoration in food and beverage dish, it can help the body to fight various types of […]

16 Health Benefits of Drinking Tequila #Surprising

Still in theme of health benefits, now we will discuss a little about alcohol drinks. Do you know something about alcohol drinks? There are gin, vodka, wine, tequila, and others. But this time we will focus in tequila. Do you know something about tequila? Maybe you will answer: “Tequila is alcohol drinks.”. Yup, it is […]

13 Best Health Benefits of Soda (No.10 is Insane)

Soda becomes a popular drink in many countries which substitutes the water as a drink. However, do you know what actually soda is? How is it made? Or how the history brought this beverage into a great commercial drink? To find out, read the followings below. A soda water term refers to the carbonated water, […]

33 Health Benefits of White Wine (#3 Shots)

White wine is one kind of alcoholic beverages. Indeed, white wine main ingredient is grape by fermentation process. Meanwhile, there are different methods of each wine making. Thus, white wine is popular in countries with four seasons such as America and Europe countries. Nevertheless, in Asia and Africa white wine is rarely touch as their […]

20 Proven Health Benefits of Milk Thistle (No.1 Insane)

These days the medical science has been trying their best to find the powerful herbs in which they can heal and treat many diseases. There has been numerous discoveries about it including on Milk Thistle potential. Milk thistle is categorized as the great herb which can be the antioxidant and also anti inflammatory agent. The […]

16 Health Benefits of Maple Syrup (No.3 Insane)

Health Benefits of Maple Syrup could be best solution for your healthy beverages. Sweet things is something that people loves to taste including the sweetness of maple syrup. People used to enjoy maple syrup with their soft pancake or waffles. Maple syrup is food product which produced by sugar maple tree. Sugar maple is a […]

54 Evidence-Based Benefits of Drinking Water For Health

Do not take the water because the water turns a nutrient that has an important function for the human body. Besides, some studies show that the fulfillment of the water in the body can prevent the onset of various diseases. That certainly will make your life more healthy and comfortable. (Read: Health benefits of Drinking […]