6 Super Health Benefits of Beets for Babies for Their Growth

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beetsBeets are vegetables that contain most nutrients and minerals. We could know from the color it has. Dark purple which portrays how nutritious and savory it is. Rumors said that beets are beneficial in producing more blood for our body, thus it is good for anemia sufferer.

In culinary, we may find beets in salad, soups or even pickles. Some people used the natural color as coloring in baking cakes or breads. Besides, beets are also rich in glucose; therefore, it can be used as substitution of artificial sugar. As there are many Health Benefits of Beets

Nowadays, beets have been processed to baby food. The exact time to introduce this baby food to our babies is between 8-10 months old. However, what we should be cautious of is never let the babies eat the peel since it will be hardly digested. If mommies had knowledge about how to serve beets to your babies, now you should know the health benefits of beets for baby.

Nutrition for babies

2 beets contain 3.5 grams of vitamin A, 3.6 grams of vitamin C, 33 mg of Niacin, Pantothenic Acid and other kinds of vitamin in barely small amount. For minerals, beets contain 305 mg potassium, 77 mg of calcium,16 mg phosphorus, 38 mg Magnesium, 23 mg iron, and lastly small portions of selenium, manganese, copper and zinc.

1. Vitamins and minerals provider

Enough amount of vitamins and minerals will help the growth of your baby. Insufficient vitamins and minerals will cause babies to suffer from diseases; such as, beri beri, night blindness, rickets, osteomalacia, angular stomatitis, glossitis, diarrhoea and so on. Take note that preventing is always better than curing. For pregnant lady, you may also interested in Benefits of Vitamin A during Pregnancy.

2. Improve appetite

Beets are well known in increasing babies’ appetite; especially, for babies who are quite fussy when it comes to eating. Besides, beets are easily digested for babies since their digestive system had not functioned prefectly as the adults. Read also Health Benefits of Mung Beans for Babies

3. Liver protector

Beets are well known good for liver disorders. Liver disorders could happen to infants and children. Read also Best Fast Way to Detox Liver

4. Brain activity

Beet controls the circulation of blood in the brain. While the activity of the brain is increased, it will lead to the maximum brain function. Health Benefits of Goat Meat for Brain that you might want to know.

5. Prevent inflammation

Babies are easily infected by germs or bacteries in their activities. While, beet is good in preventing inflammation. Minerals and vitamins in beetroot are very beneficial to hold inflammation commonly experienced by newborn babies.

6. Bones and teeth

Since beet contains lots of calcium, it is good in promoting the growth of mucles, bones and teeth. Reading Benefits of Benefits of Brushing Teeth With Castile Soap might be useful for you.

Caution of beets for babies

Since beets absorbed pesticides easily, mommies should be aware of this things while preparing food for babies. It will be better if you buy organic beets in the market. Here is some know how in choosing good quality of beets. Usually, medium- sized beets tends to be more tender and tasty than any other size. Besides, choosing an unbruised one might be good enough. After buying it, it is better if you clean it and cut off the leaves before storing it in the fridge. Commonly, beets can last for one weeks if you followed this step.

Those are the health benefits of beets for babies. Babies’ organ or bodies tend to react quicker than the adults. Therefore, it is important to always feed them with natural, healthy and nutritious food. Keep reading and stay healthy!!!