14 Health Benefits of Beets for Athletes (No. 4 & 5 is Insane)

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Then, ancient Romans firstly cultivated beets to use its green and root as food. Beet’s root as for human consumption becomes popular in sixteenth century. Beets commonly consumed either pickled or in borscht, the traditional Russian soup. This shows how beet popular since years until know. Beets, colorful roots vegetable have many benefits for health because it contains powerful nutrient compounds.

What is beet?

beetsHave you ever heard about beets? Many people have not familiar yet with this beet. Beets are one of varieties of plant family of Amaranthaceae-Chenopodiaceae. Beets have green leaves and purple root. It is typically a beautiful reddish-purple hue. It also comes in varieties that feature white, golden or yellow, or even rainbow color roots. Wild beet has originated in prehistoric time in North Africa and it grew wild in Asian and European seashores. At that time, people only knew beets by its green leaves, not the root. People exclusively consume the beet greens.

Beets compound

Beets are unique, and it has powerful compounds. Beets are good as source of vitamin C and vitamin D. Beets also have potassium in it substance. More, in its root, beets contain fiber. Beets fiber have important role. It is one of nutrient that can increase our health. Furthermore, it has magnesium and carbohydrate. Beets has sweet taste from their high sugar content, that why beets become important to produce refined sugar. This shows that beets have carbohydrate in itself which can be used as energy.

Health benefit of beets for athletes

  1. Remove nitrates. Beets are useful for athletes. The components in beets give benefits for them. Beets can remove nitrates from our body. Nitrates are considered toxic, and long-term exposure can increase the risk of cancer.
  2. Lowered blood pressure. Others health benefits, beets helps in lowering blood pressure for hypertension.
  3. Prevent dehydration. By its sugar components, beets helps for rehydrate our body system to normalize body liquid.
  4. Boost stamina. Beets also helps to boost stamina after doing exhausted exercise, especially for athlete.
  5. Produce energy. The fiber and sugar compound in beets can produce energy. Beet gives energy by processing sugar and fiber.

Other health benefits of beets

  1. Cardiovascular benefits. These beets fiber are the specific need that may provide health especially in digestive tract and cardiovascular system.
  2. Antibacterial. Beets also act as antibacterial agent. It contains betalains which help for antibacterial benefits.
  3. Low Fat. Beets are low of fat. The sugar and fiber can produces an energy for body.
  4. Anti-inflammatory. More, beets help for anti-inflammation by its betaine compounds. This compounds works to reduce inflammation. Inflammation sometime may causing heart diseases.
  5. Antioxidant. Beets are unique plant. It is a source of phytonutrients called betalains. Betalains acts as antioxidant and anti-inflammatory molecules.
  6. Cleansing effect. Beets also gives cleansing effect for the skin, reduce skin conditions, and detoxification.
  7. Inhibit cancer cell. Other beets function is inhibit cancer cell grow. Beets contain betalaine, betaine, and vitamin C sources. It is important to reduce free radical.
  8. Remove skin conditions. Most of people using beets to remove all skin conditions that they experienced. Beets can be used as masker for any skin.
  9. Detoxification. Beets also popular used to detoxification because it compound. Many therapies uses beets as ultimate material.

Kind of beet

Beets consist of some types. It can be canned beets. It also be juiced beets. Nowadays, concentrate beets juice is now widely and can be found in the market store. When use beet juice, it is most stable in foods with low water content. Juiced beets allow you to have a large quantity of nutrients quickly, and may be more readily absorbed directly. Furthermore, beets has known for long time been process as pickled.

Beets recipe

Today, there are some ways to enjoy beets. Many dishes have been using beets. It can be get row. It will taste crunchy. Others, you can mix beets with some dessert ingredients. Beets root can be used to make a wine. The common recipe of beets is as dessert such as jam, pudding, and ice-cream. In short, beets may give many benefits, especially for body health. Beets help athletes to get health, stamina, endurance, and reduce their exhausted after exercise or competition. All health benefits of beets are yours.