4 Health Benefits of Cinnamon on Face #1 Top Beauty Treatment

Who says that beauty treatment must use the expensive way? By utilizing the ingredient in our kitchen, we can make the herbs which are very beneficial for beautifying and brightening the face so that we are able to maintain our beauty. Some kitchen ingredients which are already believed to be useful for skin since long time […]

15 Benefits of Tomato Scrubs for Overall Beauty Hacks

Tomato plant can only grow up to one until three meters only. The color of tomato fruit is very diverse, from red, yellow, to green. Tomato can’t stand rain, bright sun light, also needs crumbly and fertile soil to plant them. This plant has a short period of living and can only produce once, then […]

4 Health Benefits of Rice Flour for Breast You Never Known

Everyone must have been familiar with rice flour. Rice flour is a flour that is based from rice and is usually used for an ingredient of bread or other types of food. But do you know that rice flour also has good benefits for the breasts. Every woman must be wanting ideal breasts. There are […]

16 Proven Benefits of Avocado For Hair Mask #1 Beauty Treats

Avocado is a delicious fruit that loved by most people. Specially by the children who usually love to drink avocado juice. But another interesting facts that avocado is not only yummy. Many woman have heard about the benefits of avocado for hair mask. Therefore, it is common to get this treatment in the salon. It […]

20 Miraculous Benefits of Amla for Beauty Treatments and Health

Amla is one of the super food which quite good for human healthy. The fruit belongs to berry variety and it is called Indian gooseberry also. The fruit has much nutrients and active essence which really boost health and beauty. The physical appearance of amla looks like “cermai” fruit in Indonesia with bigger size and […]

15 Benefits of Baking Soda for Beauty Treatments and How to Use It

Baking soda is widely known only as an additional yet main ingredient of baking the cake or bread. Meanwhile, there are very few people know about the benefit of baking soda for beauty. Baking soda is a cake ingredient which is popularly used among pastry, bread, or cookie making. Baking soda is used to expand […]