15 Benefits of Tomato Scrubs for Overall Beauty Hacks

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Tomato plant can only grow up to one until three meters only. The color of tomato fruit is very diverse, from red, yellow, to green. Tomato can’t stand rain, bright sun light, also needs crumbly and fertile soil to plant them. This plant has a short period of living and can only produce once, then it will die afterwards. Tomato is a shrub plant or bush that will spread on the soil’s surface that can reach about two meters long.

The tomato can be served together with other vegetables or can be eaten directly. Only the fruit of tomato that can be consumed while the leaves and stems are not edible. The same way as potato and eggplant whose leaves and stems can’t be consumed at all.

Articles about tomato and health benefits:

Contents Inside Tomato

The contents of tomato are including alkaloids solanine (0,007%0, saponins, folate acids, malate acids, citric acids, biflavonoid, protein, fat, sugar (fructose, glucose), adenine, trigonelin, kolin, tomatine, mineral (Ca, Mp, P, K, Na, Fe, sulfur, chlorine), vitamin (B1, B2, B6, C, E, niacin), histamine, and lycopene.

All of the contents in tomato are very useful to overcome many kinds of disease. Tomatoes are good to heal sprue, the forming of bones and teeth, smoothen the digestion process, decrease the high blood pressure symptoms, reduce aging skin, and prevent the forming of cancer cells.

Benefits of Tomato for Scrub and Mask

Tomatoes are full of benefits that can overcome many diseases. Besides of the delicious fruit, the tomato scrub also has benefits that are good moreover for the skin. This is because there are contents of anti-oxidant, vitamin A, C, and E in tomatoes that are able to moisturize the skin, decrease the oil level on the face, give nutrition for the skin, and brighten up the dull skin.

After learning some recipes to get benefits from tomato, now let’s learn further about some of the benefits of tomato scrub!

1. Get Rid of Dead Cells

Tomato scrub can be combined with sugar. The mix that can be used to clear dead cells on your skin and tanned skin that can make you look aged and dull. The mix of both ingredient can skim all of your damaged skin and make it look fresher as well as smoother.

2. Improve Skin Complexion

The tomato contains lycopene in it that can help improve the skin complexion by giving it a brighter red shade. This improving complexion can not only make you look better but can actually act as sunscreen as well as brightening your dull skin. It can also delay premature aging by helping your skin to absorb oxygen. 

3. Prevent Acne

The vitamin A, vitamin C, and anti-oxidants in tomato are good to shrink the size of your pore. Make them become cleaner, thus preventing the acne from showing on your face.

4. Natural Glow

The citrus content in tomato can help to be a natural bleaching which then can make your skin more glowing than before. It can also even out your skin color. 

5. Facial Scrub

The tomato scrub is also good to use for facial. The facial using tomato scrub will help your skin to relax and more comfortable.

6. Remove Blackheads

Tomato can also help you to remove blackheads. The steps are easy to follow. Just simply rub tomato slices or scrub to areas of your face that are affected by the blackheads.

7. Help with Oily Skin

You can mix the tomato scrub with cucumber. Then apply the mixture onto your face using cotton ball, gently. You need to do this regularly in order to reduce the oil secretion on your facial feature.

8. Treat Sunburn

Tomato can also be used a home remedy to help you treat sunburn. Just simply mix tomato scrub or juice with 4 spoons of buttermilk. Then apply it on your skin and wait for about 30 minutes. Rinse it off then you are done.

This can help you to soothe your sunburn skin and heal it slowly since the lycopene contain in tomato can help to shields your skin from the ultra-violet rays that are harmful. Thus, there are many benefits of tomato scrubs for health and beauty treatments.

Hoe to Use Tomato Scrub

Using tomatoes daily for scrub and mask can help you obtain the benefits from the fruit. The usage of tomato mask needs to be adjusted to the condition of each of the face since not everyone can cope well with the tomato mask. Here are some mask variations for the face that are made from the tomato that can be good for daily usage.

  1. First Recipe

Take one tomato that have been washed, mash and squeeze the water out. Then use the tomato scrub all over your face as a mask. Wait for some minutes, the rinse it off.

  1. Second Recipe

Take one medium sized tomato and 250 ml of plain milk. Blend the tomato then separate the juice and the scrub of the tomato. The scrub then can be used to scrub the body before a bath. You can apply the scrub all over your body then rinse it off with water. While the juice can be mixed with the milk and applied to the skin. Wait until it dry then rinse it off with warm water. 

  1. Third Recipe

Take one tomato, lime squeeze, and oatmeal. Blend the tomato then mix it with the lime squeeze and oatmeal. You can then apply it to your face evenly. Let it sit for 10 minutes until it dries off. Then rinse it off with warm water.

  1. Fourth Recipe

Take one tomato and slice it. Then stick the tomato to the parts of your face that has acnes. Leave it for 30 minutes then rinse it off with clean water.

  1. Fifth Recipe

Take a tomato and honey. Mash the tomato first then mix it with the honey. Apply it evenly on your face and wait for 15 minutes. Then rinse it off with clean water.

These are the benefits of tomato scrub that are good for your skin and face beauty, as well as the complete explanations on how to use it. The steps are very easy to do so we hope that you will get to try and obtain the benefits yourself.