Benefits of Banana Honey Hair Mask for Natural Hair Look

Though there are some people who were born with beautiful and lush hair but more people should strive to have it. There are even more people who are willing to spend time and money just for hair treatment because hair is crown not only for women but also for men. Applying hair mask regularly is […]

12 Common Benefits of Coconut Hair Mask As Natural Treatment

Many woman aware that the benefits of coconut hair mask can help to growth the hair effectively. Not to mention the other benefits for the other hair condition. Therefore, many hair treatment using this oil as one of the natural ingredients that quite good and absolutely more cheap. Most of the beauty salon today always […]

Benefits of Avocado for Gray Hair Treatment and Why You Should Do It

Young people in this era are worried about getting too old too fast. They are trying to boost their health but their environment keeps pushing them away from it. Heavy work load, long hours in the office and work-life stress are major causes in this case. Some people are panicked when they see gray hair […]

16 Proven Benefits of Avocado For Hair Mask #1 Beauty Treats

Avocado is a delicious fruit that loved by most people. Specially by the children who usually love to drink avocado juice. But another interesting facts that avocado is not only yummy. Many woman have heard about the benefits of avocado for hair mask. Therefore, it is common to get this treatment in the salon. It […]