16 Proven Benefits of Avocado For Hair Mask #1 Beauty Treats

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Avocado is a delicious fruit that loved by most people. Specially by the children who usually love to drink avocado juice. But another interesting facts that avocado is not only yummy. Many woman have heard about the benefits of avocado for hair mask. Therefore, it is common to get this treatment in the salon. It is believe to bring many benefits of creating a healthy hair. Hence, the treatment is one of the favorite treatments.

If you think that salon treatment is too expensive for your pocket, don’t worry. Try to make a homemade mask. Not only cheaper, this version is more fresh and natural. The salon might mix the avocado with some chemical properties. But your homemade version must be free of chemicals! Before getting into the step of making and using homemade avocado mask, check out below points the benefits of avocado for hair mask:

1. Fragrance

The avocado mask making the hair smells good. It brings natural fragrance to the hair. Therefore, it is a favorite treatment in salon. This is the same benefits arrowroot powder in soap.

2. Nutrient

The avocado fruits contain much vitamins and mineral that benefit to the hair root. Therefore, applying avocado mask into the hair can help to nutrient the hair. Furthermore, it will supply the hair a good ingredients in manage a healthy hair. Hence, it is a good choice to treat the hair with this mask once in a week.

3. Softer

After having the treatment, normally the hair will get softer. The avocado contain ingredients that make the hair soft but not easily to damage. The hair appearance will be better and the way to manage the hair in daily activities can get easier.

4. Silky

Using avocado mask as a routine treatment will bring result of silky hair. Therefore, it will bring an easy managed hair everyday. Mainly during hot day, the hair will keep healthy even though the scalp is sweating. This is the same health benefits of coconut milk on hair.

5. Smoother

Try to apply the mask regularly and feel that the hair become smoother than before. It is proven that the mask can make a smooth hair rather than using another chemically smoothing treatment. Not only natural, but this is more safe and less effects.

6. Darker

It is a good news that this mask also will help to result a darker hair color. Therefore, it will bring the hair appearance look better. The hair color will be maintain and it can result a natural way to coloring the hair into deep black.

7. Stronger Root

Another benefit is to make a stronger hair root. Applying the mask into the hair root will supply nutrient that can avoid damage. Therefore, it is good to have this treatment once in a week to maintain the hair strength. This is the same health benefits of tea tree oil for hair and scalp.

8. Avoid Brittle

Applying the mask will optimize the hair power. Therefore, it can help to avoid the probability of brittle hair. This is a good treatment for long hair that often experience brittle.

9. Manage Hair Color

The other benefits of avocado for hair mask including to manage the hair color. Whether it is a black hair, brown or fuchsia. It can help the color to stay longer in the hair. Therefore, it will bring better mood since the hair looking good all the days. 

10. Dandruff Treatment

The abocado mask also benefit to be a sui dandruff treatment. Therefore, applying the mask van help to avoid itchiness due to dandruff. It will maintain a healthy hair that free of dandruff and any other scalp diseases. This is the same benegits of curry leaves for dandruff.

11. Hair Loss Treatment

By treat the hair using avocado mask, can benefit to avoid hair loss. Therefore, it is a good way for hair loss treatment. It also easy to apply and simple to made.

12. Cleanse

The mask also can help to cleanse the hair. Therefore, it is one of the suitable treatment for oily hair. It will avoid dirty hair from the dust.

13. Avoid Frizzy

Another favorite result of avocado mask treatment on hair is to avoid frizzy hair. It will bring the hair easily to manage and looking good anytime. Therefore, not only used as mask, it is also used for creambath and conditioner ingredients. This is the same benefits of applying egg yolk on hair.

14. Revitalize Scalp

The benefit also to bring more nutrient that will help to revitalize the scalp. Therefore, it is good to maintain hair PH balance so that the scalp is nit easily to damage. Furthermore, it will avoid various scalp problems.

15. Shiny

The hair can be more shiny because of the avocado mask. See the result few hours after using the mask. The hair color will look bright and shine under the sunlight. Making the hair look beautiful.  

16. Avoid Dryness

By apply the mask regularly, it will bring some moisture to the hair. Therefore, it can help to avoid dryness. It will produce better hair appearance.

To create a homemade avocado mask for the hair is quite simple. Take one piece of medium avocado. Blend the flesh for some minutes until it crush well. Add some honey on it and mix together. Now is the homemade mask ready to use.

How to Apply Avocado Mask to Hair

Now, to use the mask do this several steps:

  • Put the blend avocado all around the hair.
  • Massage it very well for several minutes in to the scalp.
  • Get a hot towel and put around the masked hair.
  • Let it for 15 minutes.
  • Rinse the hair until it clean.
  • Use small amount of shampoo to clean it well.
  • Wait untill the hair is dry and feel the difference!

Now is you know the benefits of avocado for hair mask. It will be worth to try making the homemade mask and do mask the hair during weekend. You will feel the benefit and saving more cost when doing it yourself.