5 Benefits of Bathing in River Ganga (No.3 is amazing!)

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According to Hinduism, river Ganga is a holy river. Millions of people come to river Ganga every year to bath their body. Especially for Hindus, bathing in river Ganga gives spiritual and cultural benefits. Furthermore, they also believe that Ganga river has power to cure all kind of disease in human body. Hence it’s no surprise that river Ganga is very popular in India.

According to research, water in Ganga river has different substances and structures than any other water. Therefore Ganga river does not only give spiritual benefits, but also health benefits. The substances act as a strong antiseptic, anti fungi and anti bacteria. Importantly, antiseptic and anti bacteria is essential for curing diseases. Those are health benefits of bathing in River Ganga. You may also read health benefits of fasting.

1. Make your skin healthier

Provided that we usually do regular treatment to improve our skin, we needs a lot of money to spend. But in fact bathing in river Ganga is the solution to make your skin healthier.

According to research, Ganga river contains higher amount of antiseptic than other water. Thus, it cleans our skin body very well. Just like health benefits of warm water for shower.

2. Kills virus and bacteria

Notably Britih physician  Dr. E. Hanbury Hankin researched that water in river Ganga kills bacteria. Too add, the water kills bacteria that causes deadly Cholera disease.

It only needs 3 hour to kills the bacteria using water from river Ganga. Whereas, it needs 48 hours for normal water to kills the Cholera bacteria. You may also read benefits of sea sponge.

3. Cure disease

The Hindus believe that bathing in river Ganga would give us God blessings. The God blessing also include curing disease in our body. On the other hand, Ganga river also cure our body scientifically. The antiseptic contained in river Ganga is the one that cure our disease.

There are stories spreading that a lot of people got cured after washing in river Ganga. Most are heart touching stories. Certain disease is hard to cured, but washing in river Ganga is the answer. Thus, curing disease is the most important benefits of bathing in river ganga just like health benefits of Thai massage.

4. Brings positive aura to our body

Water has unique and various structure. And it also changing continuously according to its surroundings. HADO Research Institute in Japan released that actually crystalline structure of water in river Ganga has unique structure.

The structure is never found in any other water in the world. More importantly, the research found that the structure affects our aura in positive ways just like health benefits of listening to Quran.

5. Keep our skin soft, smooth, and moisturized

In reality, water in River ganga is a fast-flowing which hit rocks that contained in river Ganga. Then the river is also rich of flora and other living organism which make this river has rich minerals and nutrients. Hence, it makes the living organism depend their lives on the river Ganga.

According to research, the minerals and nutrients keep your health smooth and boost your skin moist. Therefore, your skin quality will improve. You may also read benefits of masturbation in the morning.

Recommendation intake

Currently there are a lot of pollution in some parts of river Ganga. You should be wise to choose which side you will do bathing ritual in river Ganga.

For best result, you should bath in the evening because of spiritual reason. Moreover, the golden sunset in Ganga river will accompany your bathing ritual.

Most importantly, after searching for benefits of bathing in river Ganga you can try to ask prayer to God to get blessing. Indeed, you may also read benefits of fasting and health benefits of Thai massage.