6 Amazing Health Benefits of Bitter Kola in Pregnancy

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What you usually drink during pregnancy to give supplement to the womb? Have you ever expected that bitter kola is a good supplement for pregnancy?  Have you ever expected bitter kola increases fertility?

Bitter kola is a plant came from Africa. In fact, Africans have been using bitter kola for pregnant woman since ages ago. Additionally, Africans believe that bitter cola prevent Satan to disturb the womb. But actually, bitter kola is truly good for pregnancy according to sciences.

Bitter kola contains nutrients and vitamins good for pregnancy. For Africans, bitter kola is the best supplement for pregnant women. Nowadays, bitter cola popularity has spread to anywhere in the world. Therefore you should also try bitter cola to give nutrients supply to your womb.

Nutrients of Bitter Kola

  • Caffeine
  • Collatin
  • Theobromine
  • Theoppylline
  • Tannins
  • Catechin
  • Epicathecin
  • Proteins
  • Carbohydrates

To choose supplement for pregnancy, you must look at side effects first. Avoid supplement containing side effects and bad nutrients. According to research, bitter cola doesn’t have side effects if consumed properly. Those are health benefits of bitter kola in pregnancy. Indeed, you need to read health benefits of brown rice for pregnancy.

  1. Promote fertility

Fertility is the most popular issue in marriage. Infertility can infect woman either man. Actually there are many causes of infertility. For man, bitter cola can cure impotence. On the other hand, bitter kola also good for woman to increase fertility.

To conclude, you should drink water of bitter cola twice a day, you will get the result in two weeks just like health benefits of yoga during pregnancy.

  1. Curing nausea and vomit

A pregnant woman tends to get nausea and vomit very often. It is very uncomfortable for woman to get nausea and vomit. Furthermore, it makes woman limbs. As the solution, pregnant woman should drink bitter kola to decrease nausea and vomit.

The nutrients and bitter kola make woman feel fresh and get more energy. Thus, a healthy pregnant woman also contains healthy womb. You may also read benefits of vitamin A during pregnancy.

  1. No side effects

Generally, commercial supplements tend to have more side effects than any other supplement. Should you choose natural supplement for your pregnancy to get best result for your womb. Bitter kola is one of the best natural supplements because it has no side effects. You may also read benefits of Cherries during pregnancy.

  1. Make womb healthier

While in pregnancy, it is very important to always give nutrients supplement for your womb. On the other hand, natural supplement is the best supplement you can choose. And it should be bitter kola because it has rich nutrients and vitamins.

Its high amount of vitamins supply womb very good should it make womb healthier. Bitter kola in pregnancy should be the best choice for your pregnancy supplement. You need to read health benefits of plump during pregnancy.

  1. Strengthen pregnant woman

Strong woman would create a healthy womb in pregnancy. When a pregnant woman tends to easily get sick, it also influences the womb’s health. Hence, the husband should give good supplement to the woman to strengthen her, and especially her womb.

Drinking bitter kola twice a week could strengthen mother and her womb. The nutrients add more stamina to a pregnant woman. You may also read health benefits of ragi during pregnancy.

  1. Normalize blood circulation of a pregnant woman

The substances inside bitter kola have ability to normalize blood circulation of human. If pregnant woman drink bitter kola, should the mother’s blood circulation get to normal. Because in fact, a pregnant woman tends to has abnormal blood circulation. We need to keep blood pressure in normal situation to keep womb’s health until born. You may also read health benefits of watermelon during pregnancy.

Recommendation intake for bitter kola in pregnancy

Bitter cola contains very strong caffeine. One bean of bitter cola contains same amount of caffeine of 2 glass of coffee. Thus, you must drink bitter kola only for 1 small cup a day. Do not exceed the limitation because it’s not going to be any good for the womb.

Take a routine bitter kola as supplement, and drink it twice a week. Finally, your baby will born healthy. Indeed, you really need to read health benefits of yoga during pregnancy and side effects of abortion for women’s health. Thus, that’s all health benefits of bitter kola in pregnancy.