8 Proven Health Benefits of Cold Plunge after Sauna

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Sauna has been known as the most favorable detoxification. People especially in Asia love sauna, not only for its health benefits but also for the social purposes. They usually go to the public sauna in groups and enjoy the process of sauna while interact with their clique. However, sometimes people don’t really understand about the benefits of sauna. Some of them even don’t follow the proper steps during the sauna.

The first thing we should in sauna is taking a bath to remove all the bacteria. It is important since bacteria will grow faster in high temperature. After you feel completely clean, you can dry yourself. The next step is entering the high tempered room where we supposed to release the sweat. The sweat will carry the toxin out of the body. After that, we should take a cold shower. Start from the hand, feet, and the entire body. However, it is far better if we directly plunge in the cold water and stay for a while.

Are you wondering about the immediate temperature change after the sauna? Is it good? Well, it is actually very good. Here are the reasons why cold plunge after sauna brings you great benefits.

Health benefits of cold plunge after sauna

  1. Boosts immunity

Take at least three sessions of hot sauna and cold water plunge may train your immunity system. It will improve the lymphatic circulation. The lymphatic system is the network of system which takes away the bacteria, microbes, and waste from the body.

The cold water plunge will create contraction to your lymph vessel which is able to flush the waste out faster and boost the white blood cell to fight the unwanted substances in the body. This is how cold plunge after sauna will boost our immune system.

  1. Closes pores quickly

We know that in the high temperature, our pores will be easily opened.  It enables the sweat released properly. However, the opened pores may also harm your skin, since germs will easily enter the pores and make trouble. Therefore, we need to quickly close the ores right after the sauna session. And the easiest way is by cold water plunge.

  1. Boosts blood circulation

The immediate change of temperature from hot into cold will also immediately strict your vessel. It will shock the blood circulation process and further increase the blood pressure. During the sauna session, the blood concentration is right under the skin. It will leaves the vital organs such as heart works slowly.

Therefore, the cold plunge will quickly send the blood into the vital organs and make sure they work normally as soon as possible. It will also improve the oxygen distribution throughout the body.

  1. Helps you relaxed

The cold water immersion surprisingly can make you feel more relaxed. It is because the cold plunge session is able to raise the blood circulation which is able to release more endorphin. The endorphin is in charge to make you feel happier and further more relaxed.

The cold water is also able to send electrical impulse to the brain which creates anti depressant. And top of that, isn’t plunge into water will always be the fun move for everyone? You might be enjoyed it since you were kid.

  1. Avoids inflammation

Some people go to sauna to relieve the arthritis problems. It is because the sauna session is able to supply the joints with more fluid. But sometimes, after some sets of sauna, the inflammation will appear on the next day. You will find your bones or joints painful. In this case, cold plunge will be the best solution for the pain. It is able to reduce the inflammation and reduce the pain.

  1. Fasten soreness recovery

During the sauna session, it is common if you get skin and muscle soreness. It is because of the heat during the sauna session. It happens just like the post workout pain. The muscle soreness usually peaks about 24 to 72 hours from the spa session.

Therefore, the cold plunge will help relieving the soreness right after the session. To relieve pain, most people might think that warm water is better than cold water. this is right, as included in The Benefits of Soaking Hands in The Hot Water. However, cold water also powerful to relieve pain.

  1. Rejuvenates skin

The cold plunge right after the sauna session will effectively increase the blood flow. It will also influence the skin health. The proper blood circulation will keep the skin youth and radiant. In addition, the quick closure of pores from the high tempered room into the cold water will keep your skin from germs and avoid you from the skin problems. The other activity you can take to boost your skin health is attached in Benefits of Taking Vitamin C Tablets for Skin and Health

  1. Loses weight

Who knows, this simple activity is able to grant every woman wishes? Having slim and healthy body seems to be every woman wishes. The beneficial value to lose weight is not only come from the natural ingredients such as Benefits of Juniper Berry Essential Oil for Weight Loss and Health Benefits of Horseradish for Weight Loss . Plunge into cold water after sauna can also give you the benefits.

When we plunge into the cold water, our body will automatically try hard to make us warmer. In order to do so, our body will increase the metabolism by burning more fats. The burned fat is especially the fats on our waistline and thighs. This surprising fact was proved by a study in 2009. Indeed, that’s health benefits of cold plunge after sauna.

Cautions for cold plunge after sauna

Besides the fact that it might be the great idea to cool down after sauna, it cannot be done by everyone. Cold plunge after sauna might not be good for those with high blood pressure. The immediate temperature change will shock the vessel and raise the blood pressure rapidly. It is not good, since it may lead to stroke and the other health problems such as dizziness. The blood pressure shock is also not good for pregnant mothers.

Expert recommends plunging in the cold water after sauna and staying in the water for a moment. However, we better not stay in the cold water for more than 20 seconds. The extreme temperature will draw too much heat from the body. well, cold water might beneficial for our health. However, it can also bring the bad effect such as  mentioned above, and the risks of Drinking Cold Water After Meals