15 Dreadful Side Effects of Abortion for Women’s Health

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Nowadays abortion is one of the most chosen option to resolve sexual promiscuity after effect. Unwanted child will be sentenced to death even before he/she can be given a chance to be born. Many women who do abortion don’t know or even ignore the dreadful side effects of abortions for their health (both physically or psychologically), despite their baby’s death.

In some country abortion even has been legalizing. Here i’ll try to explain why you should not have done and should never done abortion.

What i mean with this abortion is the intentionally spontaneous one. The other reasons for mothers to do abortion is because the mother’s health is not possible to continue the pregnancy or if the fetus is already dead.

In addition, there are 2 types of abortion that can be done:

  1. Medical Abortion. Medical Abortion can be selected for the nine weeks pregnancy. This type of abortion will use drug medication as the procedure. In most cases, a combination medication is used. First, the patient will be given some mifeprestone to block the production of estrogen. It can make thin the lining of patient’s uterus and after one or one a half day the patient will be given misoprostol. Misoprostol can result patient’s uterus to contract and expel the pregnancy.
  2. Surgery Abortion Surgery Abortion can be categorized with 2 type of procedures, there are:
    • Suction Aspiration. This type of abortion can be done during the first 16 week of pregnancy. Pain medication and antibiotic will be needed to begin the procedure. After that, patient’s cervix will be opened by a dilators or medication so that a tube can be inserted to emptying the uterus. To remove any remaining tissue an instrument known as a curette will be used.
    • Dilation and Evacuation. Dilation and Evacuation, in other hand, is only required after 16 weeks of pregnancy. This will take almost the same act as suction aspiration’s procedure. The different is the patient may be given more pain medication and the patient’s abdomen will be injected to make sure that the fetal is already death before beginning the evacuation portion of the procedure.

Whatever the type you choose to do abortion it will not have no risk. Both of the type above can result one or a few of these effect below. You better have a discussion with some specialist. Bleeding and complication may occur to Medical Abortion. And death will be the final verdict your doctor may give you if you ignore that.

  1. Death

Side Effects of Abortion for Women’s Health could very dangerous.Beside risking the baby’s life abortion also risk mother’s life. The researchers around the world have been confirm that women who do abortion are potentially die four times more than they who don’t. There are factors such as injuries during abortions and infection after abortion. It has also been confirm that they seven times more likely to die because they commit suicide.

These are vary factors that can lead to death:

  • injuries while doing abortion or after abortion surgery
  • hemorrhage
  • infection
  • embolism
  • anesthesia, and
  • un-diagnosed ectopic pregnancies

You also have to know that the risk of death will increase each time a woman do abortion:

  • 45% after one abortion
  • 114% after two abortion, and
  • 192% after three of more abortions.
  1. Embolism

Embolism is a condition when some object or substance such as blood clot or air bubble block the artery. As we know that our body need oxygen and the oxygen is transported in the bloodstream to every part of our body. If it’s cut, it definitely can cause dysfunction of some major organs such as the brain, lungs, and heart if those objects. Actually embolism can be caused by few conditions such obesity, heart disease, cancer, or pregnancy but it will be higher the risk by being pregnant or do abortion.

  1. Ripping or Perforation of the uterus

This condition is a potential complication that may occur of any intrauterine procedure. It can also occasionally drive to a massive hemorrhage. It said that between 2 and 3% of all abortions patients can suffer perforation of their uterus. This condition is very danger because it can be diagnosed unless laparoscopic visualization is performed. If it cannot be diagnosed how it can be treated?

Another cause is in later pregnancies it can create complications and possibly evolve to other complications and injuries including osteoporosis.

  1. Anesthesia Complication

During abortion the anesthesia could cause some major risk such as bleeding,  perforation, and death due to aspiration of vomitus. Although in first-trimester abortions major complications are rare to occur but it’s vary to every cases.

  1. Hemorrhage

Hemorrhage is probably the most common abortion complication. When they torn a part of your body it will definitely cause bleeding. But hemorrhage is actually a sign of incomplete abortions. This condition can lead to the risk of shock and it will be more threatening patients’ life. When hemorrhage causing hemodynamic instability the doctors will do an immediate surgical intervention and emptying the uterus by uterine evacuation.

  1. Infection

After an abortion the womb can be potentially infected. It occurs in up to 4 in every 1.000 abortions during surgical abortion.Failing to completely remove all the fetus and associated tissue could be the main cause. Even though the risk can be reduced by taking antibiotics and use sterile instruments at the time of the abortion but repeated abortion can cause damage to the cervix and increase the potential of late miscarriages.

  1. Cervical Injury

Cervical injury may be the most common complications of abortions. Abortion is done by damaging your cervix, and if minor injury could not be found after abortion it could cause a long term reproductive damage. Cervical injury can potentially caused by a surgical instrument when it is stretched. It can also torn the cervix. Emergency medical procedure will be needed if it occurs.

  1. Handicapped Newborns in Later Pregnancies

Even a legal with certified doctors abortion can cause handicapped children. A handicapped newborn can be caused by low birth weight. Low birth weight is some serious problem that can also lead to the baby’s death. In addition, many researches reveal that even legal abortion can result more than 185 diseases, conditions, and other problems of babies and death is one of them.

  1. Ectopic Pregnancy

The risk of ectopic pregnancy may increase significantly due to abortions. After their first abortion patients more likely to have an ectopic pregnancy up to 8 to 20 times. It is a condition that need emergency surgery as soon as possible. Patients can bleed to death if it is not discover soon enough. A statistic show a 30% increased risk undergoing ectopic pregnancy after just one abortion and a 160% increased risk after two or more abortions. So, please stop thinking of having one.

  1. Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID)

PID is an infection of the female reproductive organ. PID  can cause many bad things such as increase the risk of ectopic pregnancy, reduced fertility, and cab be one of the most serious complication of a sexually transmitted disease. Abortion, again, is one of the causing beside having labor and having pelvic procedures. There are few symptoms of PID as i mention below:

  • painful urination
  • chills or high fever
  • pain during sex
  • nausea and vomiting, and etc.

Though the symptoms may be vary to every cases but the result will be just the same. Antibiotics and surgery can be used as a treatment of PID. The treatment should be started immediately as soon as PID is found.

  1. Psychological Sickness

Not only physical effect that can be caused by abortion but also psychological. And as you mostly have known that psychological is always linked to physical health somehow. The changing of behavior after abortion are commonly occur to all patients. Post-abortion trauma or loss self esteem can be two of dozens results of having an abortion. It will occur from days to years in each case. All women may suffer a range of mental and psychological problem after an abortion. Some of them are depression, suicidal thoughts or even actions, sleep disturbances, and so on. Think if the do more than just one!

  1. Convulsions

Like an epileptic seizure, a convulsion is a condition where your body shaking uncontrollably. It occur because the body muscle contract and relax rapidly and repeatedly. People may misunderstanding this symptoms as epileptic seizure but you have to know that not every epileptic seizure lead to convulsions.

There’re vary possibilities that can drive convulsions, one of them is the pressure during and after abortion. Most of women who do abortion encounter this condition.

  1. Placenta Previa

Placenta Previa is a condition when the placenta has to be delivered before the baby can get out. This condition is potentially cause a severely bleeding while the baby almost always dies. And abortion increases the risk of this conditions in later pregnancies. According to the research and observation placenta previa occurs 6 to 15 times more often after abortion. It’s the most a life threatening condition for both the mother and her baby. Because there could be complication during the labor, the medical usually do cesarean surgery to treat this condition.

  1. Breast Cancer

Some research said that women who did abortion have almost double potentially of breast cancer. It will occur after a first-trimester abortion later in life. The risk can be multiplied with two or more abortions for sure.  Even though the evidence is not clear yet but let’s put attention in a case in America. Apparently, since they legalize abortion in 1973 the cases of breast cancers has risen by 50%.

  1. Cervical, ovarian, and liver cancer

Cervical, ovarian, and liver cancer have been also linked as the result of abortion. The risk will increase each time a woman do a single and multiple abortion. It is caused by the unnatural disruption of the hormonal changes which happen during pregnancy and untreated cervical damage.