All About Health Benefits of Bitter Kola for Female Fertility

In marriage, we will find several issues that will continue to exist until today both to the male and female. The biggest issue called infertility, that prevent the female of becoming a mother. While the fact says that it can affects both to the male and female. The causes of infertility are diverse and it […]

6 Amazing Health Benefits of Bitter Kola in Pregnancy

What you usually drink during pregnancy to give supplement to the womb? Have you ever expected that bitter kola is a good supplement for pregnancy?  Have you ever expected bitter kola increases fertility? Bitter kola is a plant came from Africa. In fact, Africans have been using bitter kola for pregnant woman since ages ago. […]

21 Health Benefits of Bitter Kola (#Top for HIV, Ebola, & Sexual Performance)

Bitter kola or Garcinia kola is a plant that originated in Africa with a plethora of uses. People in western and central Africa has been using this plant in their daily aspects of life. A lot of the African tribes held this plant in high regard and using it for their ritual and ceremonial practices. Many African […]