Health Benefits of Being Outdoors for Seniors

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Getting out and having activities in nature is one of the most exciting things to do. It will benefit the mind and also the body. Especially for seniors who need a lot of attention and have a different body condition.

So, it is an important thing for seniors to do some nature activities. Why is it so important? Because the nature will give the seniors a lot of positive energy for body and mind.

By looking around the nature at least the mind will be calmer. Especially for seniors, it would be a good stress relieve.

In contrary, as we know that nowadays we just look like a total homebody that never go outside.

Even for the seniors they feel that outside their house is crowded by those modern technologies.

But seriously, there are health benefits of being outdoors for seniors, such as:

1. Improves mental health

There are so many activities that seniors can do. One of the activities is walking. Just do the walk for about 30 minutes in the park will give a great benefit as result.

While walking around you may meet your friends or other people. As we know that there are some health benefits of having a social interaction for seniors.

Meeting people in a good environment will also give a great effect to health of mind. Linked with other in the natural area will give more positive vibes and feeling.

Even experts suggest the elderly to spend their time regularly in a natural environment and place such as a park. Doing something positive will also improve the mental health of the elderly.

2. Gives better energy

Other benefit of being outdoors for senior is they will get better energy for their body.

Having outdoors activities will give you better time. You will feel more alive and it will give you greater energy.

That better energy will boost your health and you will definitely get a great spirit to do anything for yourself.

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3. Strengthens the immune system

As we know, getting older is also decreasing some abilities of the body including the immune system.

But by doing activities outdoors, seniors will get a better immune system. Why so? It is related to the improvement of the mental health.

Immune system is linked to the mental health. When you have a stressful thought it is possible to get the immune system decreased.

Especially for the seniors who are susceptible with a stress condition that will affect their immune system.

Enjoying the landscape, talking to each other in a natural and beautiful place will give them a good thought. They will get an ease mind. So that they will get stronger immune system.

It is not like younger people that may get health benefits of playing pokemon go, but being outdoors for seniors may be simpler.

4. Gives better quality of sleep

When someone is not in a good condition, they will also have sleeping issues. They may hard to get a good sleep quality. But when seniors are having activities outdoors, they will be relaxed.

They will have a better energy. It means that they will throw out some of their negative thoughs that will affect their quality of sleep.

They will have enough sleep with good quality that will make them wake up in a good feeling in the morning.

5. Improves memory and concentration

We know that seniors may suffer from Alzheimer or have a bad memory as they get older.

But by doing activities outdoors, it may help them to improve their memory and concentration.

The reason is always the same, because of the nature itself. and it should become one of many ways to prevent alzheimer and dementia.

When they do the outdoor activities, they will link to the nature. It means that they will feel the breeze, the beauty of the nature, and also they will feel more comfortable.

It doesn’t matter if they just talking with their friends at the park, as long as they feel the comfort by being outdoors.

And those feeling will help them improve their memory and concentration.

There are so many activities that can be done outdoors, especially for the seniors. Here are some activities to do outdoors :

1. Gardening

First activity is gardening. It is the easiest one because you don’t need to leave the house. And gardening will also help you to get a better energy.

2. Relaxing at the park

Go to the park near your house; feel the breeze and talk to others will help you relax. It is another simple way to be active outdoor.

3. Do simple aerobics

Simple aerobics such as walking is also can be done in any place. You may go to the park, just doing it in your garden or by going to your neighbor’s house.

Those are some health benefits of being outdoors for seniors. Doing activities outdoors is always better than sitting on your chair.

It is better to do activities because there are also some benefits of games for seniors if you do the game outdoors.