Health Benefits of Playing Pokémon Go

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Have you ever heard about Pokémon Go? Or you even have been played this game? Pokémon Go is a popular game that rose to fame in 2017-2018.

It was somehow being a global issue. Not because it was something special, but somehow this game caused some accidents, even deaths.

Pokémon Go is a game that can be called as a semi virtual game. Pokémon Go is one of the mobile games, especially found in android phones that involves an augmented reality.

This game allows people to feel the real life experience in catching Pokémon. With this game, you will really have to run and go across your place just in order to catch a Pokémon.

As we know, that Pokémon is one imaginary creature that looks like a pet. And you should catch them to get a higher level.

Furthermore, this game is having its bad and good side. You may remember that this game is become a big deal due to the risk that can be caused. But it also has a good side for you.

So, now we will talk about the health benefits of playing Pokémon Go.

1. Exercise

First benefit you will get by playing this game is you get to exercise.

Remember that this game allows you to feel the real experience of hunting and catching the Pokémon you want to collect.

So it is obvious that this game will be great for an exercise. You can jog, run around, and also walk.

Those activities are great exercise for your body and health according to Matt Hoffman, the assistant clinical professor at Texas A&M College of nursing statement.

It is stated that catching creatures, hatching eggs and finding Pokéstops to stock up on balls in this game involves a lot of walking, an excellent and low-impact form of exercise.

Even Pokemon Go is a great choice of fun exercise just like dancing, and at least you will get more than one health benefits of dancing.

2. Easing Depression and Anxiety

Mental health is a big issue these days. It is something common that you hear about depression that ended up with suicide.

With this game, you will get something else to focus on than your problems. With this game you will focus on catching your monster and Pokémon will help you to overcome your anxiety.

So, it is truly a great game for mental health. And if you need other way to suppress your depression, you can also try to get the benefits of blue dream weed .

3. Good for Your Lungs

As we know, by playing this game means you will also use your lungs in a good way.

You will have to get the fresh air outside. And by walking, it is also great for your lung health.

So, this game also helps you train your lungs and will give you a great amount of oxygen that you may haven’t get as much.

Lungs are vital organs you should keep in a healthy condition. you may also try the benefits of swimming for lungs.

4. Meeting New People

Meeting new people is something beneficial for your mental health also. It is related with your social life.

As we know people in this modern era is more focus on their life, in terms of working and using gadget.

They do socialize, but it is through the screen, chatting apps and also social media.

But with this app, Pokémon Go you can meet people outside while you are walking to catch and hunt your Pokémon.

5. Keep Your Mind Sharp

You will understand that this game involves historical landmarks, arithmetic, and many other things that will help you to keep your mind sharp.

Let’s say that this game needs your sharp thinking in order to know where the Pokémon are hiding.

Because it is not always about the physical activities but also your brain will need to think about many things.

So, from this explanation we can say that this game is good for both your physical and mental health.

Even it is possible to keep us from a serious illness such as Alzheimer. To prevent Alzheimer, you can also do this ways to prevent Alzheimer and Dementia for elderly

However, because it has a bad side, you also need to play this incredible game in a safe way. Therefore, you need to:

1. Avoid main streets.

You should remember that you will walk by string at your phone’s screen, so it is important to avoid the street. That way you will safe from any accident involving the transportation.

2. Avoid public areas.

It doesn’t mean that you have to play in an isolated area, but you need to carefully pick your place to hunt. For example, don’t hunt in a church or a mosque.

3. Travel with friends.

By traveling with friends, you will safe from any risk because your friends will help you when you are in trouble.

Finally, we can state that there are many health benefits of playing Pokémon Go, at least five of the benefits you will get. Even it is a risky game, it also gives the player many benefits.

What we should always remember is that you need to play it in a right way. Talking about games, there are also health benefits of playing Ludo.