Benefits of Blue Chalcedony – A Way to Improve Your Energy!

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Have you ever heard the crystal named Blue Chalcedony? Then, we will talk about this thing. It is known as a demure crystal, subtle and mystic, cool and serene, ethereal yet solid. In fact, it is a member of the Quartz family with a cryptocrystalline structure. As same as its name, it has soft blue translucence. The name comes from the Greek port city of Chalcedo. Moreover, it is believed as the thing to speak of spirit and trust and has been used in jewelry and carvings, and, as gems of antiquity in Egypt, Greece and Rome. As the consequence, to give you more information, here we list the benefits of blue chalcedony below.

1. Used for Meditations

As a matter of fact, blue chalcedony has been used for meditations. It is known that the blue chalcedony was considered a sacred stone by the Native American Indians, using it to promote stability during their ceremonial activities. Not only for that, it is also being used as a pathway for receiving successful thought transmissions. Then, are you interested to use blue chalcedony for meditations? You can also check on Health Benefits of Pyramid Meditation for Soul

2. Treats Inflammation

You may have known that antioxidants have a role in preventing body inflammation. At this point, blue chalcedony can do the same way. It is known that chalcedony can help to treat chronic hoarseness and inflammation of the throat. Thus, if you want to reduce the risks of inflammation, then having blue chalcedony is something that should be taken into account.

3. Treats Edema

Consequently, one of the benefits of blue chalcedony is to reduce edema. It is due to the ability of this stone to promote the flow of fluids within the body. As a result, it can be the herbal treatment of edema, glaucoma, and stimulates milk production in nursing mothers.

4. Treats Allergies

The next one goes to the ability of blue chalcedony to alleviate plant allergies, hay fever, and other respiratory problems. Then, if you suffer from allergies, then it might be a good way to choose blue chalcedony as the treatment. You can also check on Signs of Wheat Allergy

5. Treats Respiratory Problem

As explained above, it shows that blue chalcedony can help to treat inflammation including the respiratory problem. At this point, blue chalcedony can help heal the lungs and cleanse the respiratory system from the effects of smoking. You can also check on Health Benefits of Nasal Rinse for Respiratory System

6. Improves Communication Skill

It turns out that people use blue chalcedony to improve their speaking skill. It is due to the ability of this stone to enhance the counter-arguments of lawyers and political speakers. In this case, they touch the stone to the tip of their tongue to get the benefit. Besides, singers may drink a glass of Chalcedony before they are going on stage. Blue chalcedony has been associated with the throat and third-eye chakras, therefore it affects the mind and stimulates telepathy. This can be good to promote communications. Excellent, isn’t it?

7. Improves Memory

Surprisingly, blue chalcedony can help you to improve memory health. It is the ability of this stone to stimulates the ability to learn new languages and improves memory. Not only for that, it also gives you the feeling of focus, calm, light-heartedness and optimism. You can also check on Find Out the Excellent Benefits of Watching Korean Drama for Mental Health Here!

8. Improves Confidence

The next benefit of blue chalcedony includes the way it improves confidence while we are wearing it. It is known that the stone can overcome stage fright and the fear of public speaking.

9. Increases Focus

Using blue chalcedony may help you to increase the focus. This stone is able to ease self-doubt, encourage optimism and remove hostility. Moreover, it is taking part in calming and focusing the emotional energy field. It can block the feelings of anxiety, panic, fear and irrational anger, therefore, you can be more focus on something.

10. Boosts Energy

If you want to boost energy, you may have to eat healthy foods which have carbohydrate and protein for sure. Moreover, you can do regular exercise as well. In this case, blue chalcedony can also help you to boost energy. This is due to the ability of the stone to calming those with bouts of irrational anger, fear, panic or anxiety as well as promoting energy. It is a stone that takes part in restoring your balance and makes you feel stable. Therefore, having the healthy lifestyle and blue chalcedony may give you more energy to such daily activities. You can also check on Health Benefits of Coffee with Ganoderma – Excellent Energy Booster

11. Prevents Stress

There are ways to deal with stress and depression. One of them is by spending tie with friends and families. You can also create the happy environment by building the healthy circle around you. However, in this case, there is a thing that can help you to have the calming situation and so preventing stress. Indeed, it is blue chalcedony. Moreover, it contributes to protects against weakness in general, bad moods, obsessive jealousy, and depression. This stone can be placed in your home. Then, this decoration will help you to deal with stress risks.

12. Promotes Mental Health

Mental health can be achieved by having some exercises that activate the brain to promote the healthy condition. In this case, blue chalcedony can help you to have the mental health. It can help to treat the treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorders, bipolar disorder, Tourette’s syndrome, and Asperger’s disease. In addition, it may reduce the symptoms of autism. Such the great benefits, right?

13. Boosts Immune System

To build the strong immune system, you have to keep the healthy lifestyle and consuming healthy foods which have the source of antioxidants. However, at this point, blue chalcedony is known to be ably promoting your immune system. It acts by anti-inflammatory and prevents certain health problems.

Consequently, there are other benefits of Blue Chalcedony below.

14. Treats Eyes and Blood Health

15. Promotes Openness and Enthusiasm

16. Combats Negative Thoughts

17. Promotes Peaceful

As the summarizing, you can use blue chalcedony as the decoration in your home. It will promote peace and give you the best benefits including to prevent stress. Moreover, it can improve your communication skills and helps you to deal with conflicts. Then, stay happy and healthy there!