10 Health Benefits of Middle Distance Running

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Running is basically a very fun activity. Can be done by anyone, because it does not need a complicated and expensive equipment. Running activities are divided into 3 categories, namely running a short distance, medium run and long distance running. On this occasion, we will discuss the benefits of long distance running. Running motion at medium range is slightly different from short distance or sprint. At a medium distance, the foot that tread is the heel while on the run a short distance that treads is the tip of the foot.

There are so many benefits that we get when doing intermediate run activities, especially for health. Here are some benefits:

  1. Preventing stress and depression

According to research scientists that running can increase blood flow in the body so as to make the body more calm in the face of stress. Read more about symptoms of depression

  1. Increase stamina and the immune system

People who rarely move make the body feel easy to get tired. By running, the body is invited to move so that the muscles become trained to deal with situations that can make you tired, stamina body increases. Or you can try health benefits of guyabano leaves tea

  1. Improve your mood or mood to be good

Running with medium range enables the body to produce enough beta-endorphin which can improve mood functionally.

  1. For pregnant women will be spared from feelings of anxiety

According to research conducted by the University of Melbourne Australia, pregnant women who often exercise run will rarely experience feelings of anxiety and psychological conditions will be good. Of course for pregnant women need to consult the experts to plan the running portion. Read more about health benefits of apples during pregnancy

  1. Reduce body weight

health benefits of middle distance running will be draining, a lot of calories to be burned so that some fat will also burn. With so much weight will be reduced. You may also read the benefits banana weight gain

  1. Forming leg muscles become firmer and stronger

Because the most dominant muscle used in running sport is the leg muscles, then, of course, the higher the intensity of running then the stronger and stronger also the leg muscles. Or you can try the health benefits of push up

  1. Have the ability to walk long distances

Fast and strong leg muscles because it is often trained, then the feet can be used to walk a considerable distance.

  1. Improve the strength of the leg knee

The knee of the foot will become the pedestal when running, as trained will make the knee of the foot even stronger.

  1. Increases concentration power

The focus is also indispensable when exercising run, ranging from sight to breathing arrangements. So the concentration will increase.

  1. Makes the heart healthier

The heart will pump faster blood to the body when running, this can be a sport for the heart itself so that your heart is getting stronger.


But there are things you need to consider when health benefits of middle distance running. Do not use a jacket when running, because the body temperature will be higher and you can experience a heat stroke, and do not be too force your energy because it will affect the injury of your muscles.