10 Health Benefits of Drinking Water First Thing in The Morning

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As much as 70% of our body consists of water. So when the water requirement is not met. Then the body will bear some negative health consequences both in the short and long term. Prolonged dehydration will cause rheumatoid arthritis, migraine in benefits of sunflower seeds, angina, hypertension, hemorrhoids, kidney stones to breast cancer.

Drinking water after waking up in an empty stomach condition will make your body healthy. Some of the health benefits of drinking water first thing in the morning that you can get if you apply the above lifestyle are as follows:

  1. Cleaning toxins in the body

At night the body will repair and remove toxins and in the morning drinking water will clean this harmful poison. Or you can try health benefits of pandan leaves to remove toxin

  1. Make the body feel fresh

Drinking lots of water will help increase the production of muscle cells and new blood cells, making your body feel fresh and powerful.

  1. Increase metabolism

For those of you who are on a strict diet, drinking water on an empty stomach can increase the body’s metabolism up to 24 percent. With an increased metabolic rate, your digestive system is good so your diet will be easy because of your body’s nutritional absorption very well. You must read the health benefits aragula

  1. Prevent weight gain

When you drink water in the morning, in addition to your metabolism to be good, you will also feel full so you will avoid weight gain due to overeating.

  1. Prevent indigestion

For those of you who have ulcer disease, drinking water on an empty stomach will make the stomach acid level to be stable so that the symptoms of ulcer will not reappear.

  1. The skin becomes healthier

The skin needs smooth blood flow so it will look shiny. health benefits of drinking water first thing in the morning at least 500 ml will increase blood flow to your skin will be healthy.

  1. Good for hair growth

Dehydration seriously affects your hair growth. The intake of plenty of water will nourish your hair because the water forms up to a quarter of the weight of the hair strand. Or you can try health benefits of watermelon hair for growth

  1. Prevent kidney stones

Drinking water shortly after waking up will neutralize acid levels that can cause kidney stone disease.

  1. Prevent bladder infections

Toxins will be cleaned as soon as you drink enough water on an empty stomach in the morning, this will have an impact on the toxins that cause bladder infections to disappear.

  1. Strengthen the immune system

Drinking water in an empty stomach condition will help balance the lymphatic system that causes increased levels of immunity or endurance. With the strength of the immune system then you will be resistant to various diseases.


The thing to note is the dose of water to be drunk in the morning. If too much health benefits of drinking water first thing in the morning enters the digestive system, it will aggravate the kidneys. This is because the intake that comes suddenly and in large quantities. Should drink enough one or two glass only when after waking up.