17 Health Benefits of Push Up (If You Do it in Right Ways)

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Doing push up believed can help you lose weight and strengthen muscles. But, not only that, Push up is a routine workout that can provide many other benefits. Limited time constraints and lack of adequate tools cannot be a reason for you to skip doing exercise. Because in addition to running, there are many other forms of exercise that you can do, even be done while watching television and without using expensive supporting tools. One of them is push-up.

Push up, including isometric endurance sport, also the movement by using objects that do not move the body to trigger muscle contraction. Sports that train these forces have a variety of benefits that can help you to reduce weight, improve the balance of the body, making the heart more healthy, and etc. Here’s the complete benefits of push up:

  1. Establish the muscles

push upPush up that conducted on a regular basis is useful for forming the core muscles of the body. Here are the muscles that will be formed when you do push-up diligently every day:

  • Muscle Pectoralis Major. This muscle is located in the chest and the main muscle that serves to encourage the muscles of the time we do a push up. While the position of the body is down, then pectoralis major muscle getting the benefit. This is help us get a better shape either.
  • Triceps muscle. This muscle is located at the back of the upper arm. When you’re doing push-ups then automatically triceps muscle will work because it serves to encourage the body and at the same time withstand the load. In order to get maximum results in shaping the triceps muscle, place your hands at a distance that is not too wide while doing push-ups.
  • Deltoid Muscles. Located on the shoulders of humans and assist in encouraging the pectoralis major muscle and lower body during movement you push up. Deltoid muscles are part of the muscle weaker than the muscles of the human body. Push-ups exercise will be formed so as to form a shoulder deltoid muscles become stronger and wider. Besides the strong deltoid muscles will also prevent the human shoulder injury.
  • Serratus Anterior Muscle. This muscle is in a lateral chest wall. This muscle function are pushing the front shoulder muscles around the ribs while doing Push Up. When you do a push-up movement on a regular basis, then it will automatically create strong muscles in the arms.
  • Coracobrachialis Muscle. Coracobrachialis have very close position with the biceps muscle, at the upper arm. When the motion push up, these muscles will push the upper arm and useful form the upper body muscles become stronger.
  1. Preventing and controlling sarcopenia

Sarcopenia is a condition in which muscle mass has decreased due to the aging of the muscle. One of the causes of sarcopenia is a lack of activity that triggers muscle mass decreases. Therefore it is necessary to exercise that can increase power like push ups.

  1. Strengthening Abdominal Muscles

One of the movement’s core push up, the most correct way is no curvature of the spine. The arch will usually visible when the body move up or down. Movement of push ups that will really look when all the parts of the spine flat, rigid and stable. Errors in push up movement just like the spine follow him down when the body is lifted up can cause spinal injuries. In particular the movement of the spine, the stable will increase the strength of the abdominal muscles. Besides push-ups, jump Scots benefit is also very good to make up the abdominal muscles.

  1. Can increase bone mass

As person who get older, the bone mass will naturally decline. It can cause bone loss or called as osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a condition which is characterized by a weakening of bone, making it very susceptible to fractures. For this reason, doing regular exercise such as push-up is needed to train and to keep bones stay healthy and strong.

  1. Helps Bone Strength

Bone is one of the very important body core strength. Bones become strength to stand, sit and perform various movements. Bone health issues become a common problem, which commonly affects both men and women in the elderly. Some of the most common complaints is the problem of bone loss, joint pain and brittle bones. This bone problems, can be caused by cartilage in the body that is not accustomed to the movement while someone still young. If you do not want to experience this problem, then you can do push-ups to strengthen the cartilage in the legs, wrists, arms and shoulders.

  1. Chest Muscle Strength

Chest is a member of the body that plays a major role when doing push-ups. This movement will force the chest muscles (pectoralis) to attract and suppress the body without having to rely on other body parts. If the motion is carried out by doing push up the chest muscles are preserved and can form a very healthy muscle mass.

  1. Improve Metabolism System

The body’s metabolism is the process to a variety of materials that go into the body to maintain organ function and improve the work system of the body. Metabolic problems often lead to excess body weight, body fat and other health problems. Push-up motion that could provoke the movement is important for the muscles of the chest, leg, spine, arms and shoulders it could increase the rate of metabolic systems. Trained muscles will push the muscular system in the body so that blood flow in the body to become more fluent. If the flow of blood and oxygen flow to the blood vessels occurs with both the body’s metabolism will also run well.

  1. Increase Muscle Mass Bicep and Tricep

The formation of the biceps and triceps muscle mass conducted by the method of weight training, the fitness benefits. But if you do not have much time, then you can do push-up on a regular basis. Push up movement will enhance the work the biceps and triceps. It occurs when the body moves up and down with the pressure on the arm muscle strength. If push-up done with the right moves, the biceps and triceps muscle development will occur quickly.

  1. Stabilize Shoulder Muscles

Did you hear about shoulder disorders that not balanced? This problem can actually be solved by doing push ups regularly movement. When the body do push-up, then the strength of shoulder muscles that located at the upper shoulder or deltoid muscle is increased. These muscles will maintain shoulder movement that is strong, stable and balanced as do the benefits of swimming.

  1. Stomach Shaping

Want to have abdominal “six-pack”? Six-pack is a belly shape that looks like a box arrangement of six squares, hard and strong. If you want to have a six-pack, in a way that is easy and cost-effective then just do a push up movement. Push up movement will retain all of the abdominal muscles, hips and spine. When the body moves up or down, the abdominal muscles will work optimally to maintain its shape. In this way, the abdominal muscles will be trained so that it can be seen as a strong muscle.

  1. Improve Posture

A perfect posture is a very important part for the appearance. Some problems such as spinal posture is less upright, shoulders unequal or less stable arm still frequently encountered. Usually the doctor will recommend to perform a particular therapy. But this can be remedied by doing push ups regularly. Push up movement at once, will train the muscles of the body, forming muscle strength chest, arms and shoulders so that the posture could be better. In general, the benefits of Push Up exercise can also increase the body’s ability as a balanced system.

  1. Balancing Body Size

Push up movement build a lot of muscle work utilizing the shoulder, arm and chest. Push up movement tends to make the muscles in the shoulders, arms and chest has a large size. But it was not entirely true, because when push up movement occurs then the strength of the abdominal muscles, spine, and pelvis will also work. This makes the movement of push-ups can build muscle in the upper and lower body becomes more balanced.

  1. Train Myocardial

Many people think that the push up will made the chest muscles becomes bigger? This is not wrong, because push-up promote muscle strength at chest, shoulders and arms become stronger. But it does not mean push-up do not have important benefits for the muscles in the body such as the heart muscle. People who often do push up shown to have a stronger heart muscle than those who do not do push up. Regular  Push Up movement has made the heart work more muscles so that blood flow is also becoming stronger. It also makes the better body’s metabolic system.

  1. Increase Breast Size

Having healthy breasts and ideal size is one of desires of all women. Women with proportional breast size will also look more attractive in appearance. Benefits of push up to increase breast size was already widely proven. Push movement that done  in regular intensity will form the chest muscles become stronger. The strength of the chest muscles become larger when the chest muscle system capable of delivering liquid that supplies power to the chest muscles. This is makes the appearance of female athletes always look fit even though they did not perform plastic surgery.

  1. Training Endurance Body

The immune system is very important for health because it can improve our fitness. A body that looks weak less attractive and tend to be more susceptible to disease. In addition to the benefits of consuming fruits, push up exercise on a regular basis will boost the immune system. But basically push up movement will provoke the body to be able to perform the same movements continuously. This is what will make people who often do push ups will look fresher and fitter.

  1. Exercise to Diet

Remove fat from the body is an absolute desire for all those who are in diet program. Push up can be either mild exercises that support the diet program. Routine movement help to raise the body and suppress the body’s wrist pedestal can eliminate fat. When doing push up, the muscles in the body will attract each other and did a strong incentive to support the weight of the body. Muscle work system will drive the metabolic processes in the body and that’s what will make the fat can disappear and become a source of energy for the body.

  1. Prevent Osteoporosis

Bone health must be maintained since I was young. Despite some problems of bone diseases such as osteoporosis occur when in an old age, but the disease can be prevented early on. Doing push-ups regularly was also able to train the bone density in the entire body. Cooperation muscles and bones in the chest, arms and shoulders will make the core bones become denser and stronger.

How to do The Right Push Up

To get the maximum benefit, you need to know how to do push-ups in a right way and wrong rather than burn fat and build muscle instead of injury.

  1. Push up the wall. For beginners who have not been able to sustain the weight by hand can push up to stand facing the wall. Standing approximately two or three steps to the wall. Place the palms on the wall surface and then hold your face to the wall by bending the arm. Do repeatedly. For those who are used to the motion push up this wall a few dozen times each session. When require a heavier load, Push up knee can be tried.
  2. Push up the knee. Push ups by using the knee as the bedrock has a heavier load than the wall push-ups. The position of perfect body like push ups but use the knee as a pedestal. Because less flexible than the others, knee push-up may cause pain in the knee. If you need to put a cushion padding below the knee to avoid injury. Once in position as shown above, bend your arms so that the body closer to the floor and then push the body upwards (up). Keep your knees, hips and head are always in a straight line. Perform this movement repeated 10 times a session with a few exercise sessions.
  3. Push up perfectly. Push up perfectly of course require more power than the previous kind of push-up because the pedestal is located at the tip of the toe. Should do above board harsh for example on the floor or a thin mat. Put your palms on the floor premises tiptoes as a pedestal. For balance, the legs should not be too narrow or widen approximately shoulder width apart. Keep the legs, waist and head remain in a state of straight. Bend your forearm and upper arm until a 90 degree angle and push upwards while taking a breath. When the body is lowered exhale slowly.

To get the benefits of push up, you can do that in the morning and afternoon, regullarly. Do not forget to keep doing stretching and warming up before starting the push-up session. Good luck!!