List of Herbs with 7 Letters and Health Benefits

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The number of universities that have specific major to learn about herbs is progressively increasing day by day. It is because not only the number of young people who are willing to learn about herbs is increasing but also because aside from modern medication, traditional medication is one the alternative solutions to deal with the number of diseases that are also increasing. Some are common diseases, some are rare diseases while some others are totally new. The list of herbs with 7 letters and health benefits below are just some example of herbs commonly found out.

  1. Alfalfa

The Chinese has been using alfalfa leaf as part of their traditional medication practice. In modern world you are not only able to enjoy the benefits in the form of fresh leaf but also as herbal tea, health tonic and supplement which is good as body detox and maintain overall health from digestive system up to cardiovascular health.

  1. Alkanet

Health benefits of alkanet root are for maintaining healthy skin from reducing the scar mark up to treating some skin conditions. Alkanet root is also containing anti-inflammation properties to reduce inflammation.

  1. Caraway

Caraway is used in the form of seeds and oil. Health benefits of ground caraway seeds and oil are similar which are rich of antioxidants, fiber and some essential minerals such as potassium, calcium and iron. Consuming caraway is also perfect for weight loss and digestive health management.

  1. Curcuma

Who doesn’t know about the health benefits of curcuma? This spice is well known worldwide with a long list of benefits. Since a hundred years ago curcuma has been used as traditional remedy to prevent infection of the open wound, reduce allergy and promote healthy digestion.

  1. Dang Gui

Dang gui means recover in Chinese and it is the local name for Angelica root. The benefits of angelica root are including maintaining the hormonal balance, blood detox to improve blood circulation up to reducing the symptoms of menstrual pain in women.

  1. Epazote

Epazote is herb commonly consumed as leafy vegetable which is rich of antioxidants, vitamin E and some essential minerals. This vegetable is also rich of fiber which is excellent to maintain cholesterol level and digestive system.

  1. Fuschia

The beautiful flower of fuschia is not the only attraction of this herbal plant. Fuschia is edible and as diuretic herb this flowering plant is excellent to maintain liver and kidney help though some more studies about this plant is strongly required.

  1. Ginseng

Benefits of ginseng for males are not something you could doubt anymore. However, aside from that ginseng have more benefits for human health such as good to relieve stress, excellent for blood circulation and natural healing to insomnia.

  1. Insulin

Just like the name, the health benefits of insulin plant are good for patient already diagnosed with diabetes. Consuming this herbal plant may not cure the diabetic condition but able to prevent it and regulate the blood sugar level to prevent the worst effect of the condition.

  1. Jasmine

A lot of people know about the benefits of the flower but less people know about the health benefits of jasmine leaves. Jasmine leaves are perfect for weight loss while the flower is used as additional mixture of herbal tea or natural home fragrance.

  1. Java Tea

Java tea is well known as diuretic. It means the main health benefits java tea is to treat urinary tract infection due to its potent anti-bacterial agent. Generally java tea is consumed regularly to maintain the kidney and liver health.

  1. Kalonji

There are a lot of health benefits of kalonji some of them is to reduce the symptoms of depression, improve reproduction and as the source of fiber kalonji is also good for digestive system.

  1. Lagundi

Lagundi is native to Asia region, the local are utilizing the health benefits of lagundi leaves as home remedy to some respiratory problems from sore throat, cough up to reducing the symptoms of asthma.

  1. Moringa

There are a lot of studies have been conducted to find out the health benefits of moringa leaves. This herbal plant has been proven to packed with potent antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, essential amino acids and some prominent vitamins and minerals.

  1. Nymphea

Nymphea is another name of water lily. Don’t underestimate the health benefits of water lily just because it blooms beautiful flowers. As herbal plant water lily could treat from diarrhea, dysentery up to blood cough.

  1. Oregano

Health benefits of oregano leaves could be consumed as dried herb or essential oil and both of them are still excellent herbal remedy to speed up metabolism, protect immunity system and improve digestive process.

  1. Saffron

You could list the benefits of saffron from treating some diseases, for diet up to beauty. However, saffron is well known as excellent mood booster, optimize the function of nerve system and excellent source of antioxidants to fight cancer.

  1. Tobacco

Smoking is bad but not all aspects about tobacco are as bad as smoking. Organic tobacco is well known for its medicinal properties which are good for human health from preventing Alzheimer up to improving immunity system.

  1. Vanilla

Both health benefits of vanilla bean and vanilla extract are excellent. Both of them are well known as natural fragrance and packed with antioxidants. For women, vanilla is super helpful in reducing the menstrual pain.

  1. Urad Dal

As rich of protein and fiber urad dal is highly recommended to be consumed by mothers during pregnancy to help optimizing the fetus development and improving digestion system.

  1. Uva Ursi

Some studies have found out a strong connection between consuming uva ursi and kidney health. The anti-bacterial agents and anti-inflammatory contained in this fruit is good to prevent urinary tract infection and maintain the health of kidney.

  1. Yohimbe

Yohimbe is used traditionally as herbal remedy to treat depression and super helpful for those who are currently in weight loss diet.

You must be surprised when a study conducted to learn about disease, some scientists are also using references from traditional uses or home remedy of herbs to find out a potent medicine. That is why herbs have prominent role in modern medication. The list of herbs with 7 letters and health benefits mentioned above are just a small part from enormous world of herbs and spices.