10 Authentic Health Benefits of Java Tea

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Most people in Indonesia loves to drink java tea, including to experience the health benefits of java tea. This tea is famous not only for the benefit but also the authentic taste. Therefore, many people in this country recognize java tea as one of the best beverages that taste good and also bring a better health condition.

Java tea is kind of tea plan which growth along Java island. For many years this tea has been cultivated along many villages in the Java. Therefore, all the people in this island has been so familiar with this tea. Among many kind of tea that growth in Indonesia, the tea is one of the original tea which is famous and high demand. Various tea fabrication use it as basic ingredients and try to create specific taste between each fabric.

What is good about the tea is not only the specific great taste, but also the benefit. Many peoples believe that consuming java tea in the morning is good for the body. Therefore, it has been become inheritance tradition of Java people to serve a hot tea in the morning for the whole family. For further explanation on the tea, below are several informations on nutrition, benefit and cautions.


There is no specific information on the exact nutrients of java tea. But in general a cup of java tea normally will contain sitosterol and ursolic acid. Therefore, it is good to consume in proper portion but will bring disadvantage if consume too much.

For those who still unsure on the benefit, below are several health benefits of Java tea:

1. Anti Oxidant

One of the best benefit of the tea is used as a high anti oxidant. Like any other type of tea, java tea consider many content of anti oxidants. Therefore, it is good to manage with free radical negative effects and air pollutant effects from vehicle. This is the same health benefits eating jaggery that works as anti oxidant too.

2. Manage Cholesterol

Another health benefits of java tea including to maintain cholesterol level inside the blood flow. It will manage HDL and LDL level. Therefore, it will be benefit to avoid cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack or stroke.

3. Improve Digestive

The tea can help to manage the digestive system if consume in proper function. It is believe that the tea can help to maintain the peristaltic movement. But some also mention that if consume in too much portions can bring effect to digestive damage.

Therefore, make sure to drink it only in the morning to reach digestive benefit from it. The caffeine content if consume in the morning will bring better digestive system. This is the same health benefits of Nigerian pepper fruit that works for digestive too. 

4. Source Of Energy

Javanese people believe that drinking a cup of sweet java tea in the morning is good for power booster. Therefore, it is common to serve a sweet java tea every morning in java family. It can work to bring source of energy to start the daily activities.

5. Soothe Cold

Drinking hot java tea is one of the good treatment for cold people. Therefore, it is better to have a cup of java tea if feels fever, cough or any cold symptoms. The tea can help to soothe the symptoms and good for the respiratory. This is the same health benefits garden cress seeds that help to ease the fever too.

6. Avoid Hypertension

The tea also work to manage the blood pressure. Therefore, it can bring huge benefit to avoid hypertension. It will lower down blood tension and manage the tension level to keep balance.

7. Blood Circulation

The tea can help to manage a better blood circulation. It can help to manage a good blood flow and free from the possibility of blood cod. Therefore, it can maintain a healthy blood conditions. This is the same benefits of magnetic bracelets for blood pressure control that can help to bring better blood circulation too.

8. Anti Bacteria

The tea is good for anti bacteria. Therefore, it can use to avoid the possibility of bacteria infection. Hence, the body will keep healthy and away from any kind of bacteria diseases.

9. Liver Health

Consume java tea is another way to manage the liver health. This is good to avoid liver diseases and strength the body immune system. By a healthy liver then the body can manage to have better metabolism too. This is the same health benefits coffee on liver that works best for liver system too. 

10. Avoid Rheumatism

Several people use java tea as medicine for rheumatism. Mainly for elderly which experience joint inflammation. Drinking the tea regularly can help to soothe the symptoms.

Cautions and Recommendations

Although the tea have several benefits for the body, java tea also have several cautions. To bring further information, look at below recommendations before consume the tea every morning:

  • Too much sugar inside the tea can lead to diabetic condition. Therefore, it is suggested not to add sugar or add only less sugar. For more flavour it is better to add honey and lemon.
  • The tea contain several percent of caffeine. Therefore, do not drink java tea in too much portions. A cup every morning and afternoon will be good. But if too much, it will lead to several negative conditions such as headache.
  • Do not drink the tea after making it for several hours. There are some toxin can come out from the tea leaves. Mainly if it has been cold for several hours. The original tea will result dangerous toxin.
  • Some peoples might experience allergically condition. Therefore, be careful before consume the tea frequently.
  • Too many portions of the tea can distract digestive system. Therefore, always consume the tea in proper portions.

Those are several health benefits of java tea for the body system. There are various brand and type of java tea in the market. All have their specific taste which might be different for each other. Therefore, make sure to choose the suit one. Consume the tea every morning will good to manage the health. Make sure it is not too much and still in proper portions.