8 Health Benefits of Lagundi Leaves – Remedy to Asthma

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When talking about herbal plant, the list could be amazingly long and probably endless. Tropical regions and countries are the best place you should go when you need more information about exotic herbal plants. One of the Asia herbs and its benefits that recently become famous is lagundi because the health benefits of lagundi leaves are not only claimed by the local but also have been proven by some research studies to support the claims.

What Is Lagundi Leaves?

Those who are living in tropical countries must have been familiar with lagundi leaves because the plant is commonly found as ornamental plants due to its beautiful purple flower. However, even in medical field, lagundi leaves have been quite well known due to its amazing medical properties found and already proven scientifically by some research studies. Lagundi has botanical name Vitex trifolia L. There are also lagundi from the same genus but with botanical name Vitex negundo and well known to be one of the herbs used in traditional Chinese herbs health medication.

Nutritional Value of Lagundi Leaves

One of the reasons why lagundi leaves became famous is due to its antioxidant properties. Furthermore, this plant is also packed with certain vitamins and minerals that bring a lot of benefits to human. Below is the list of health benefits of lagundi leaves for those who are not really familiar with this herbal plant.

  1. Excellent for Asthma

Asthma is a condition that you cannot fully cured by there are some herbal remedies that are proven to be effective in dealing with the symptoms of asthma and lagundi leaves are among the highly recommended herbal plants. To treat asthma, you cannot just take it in one time but you should take it regularly at least a cup of herbal tea made from lagundi leaves is highly recommended to help relieving the asthma.

  1. Cough Relieving

Sore throat and light cough could be really annoying. Lagundi leaves contain anti-inflammatory properties as well as anti-histamine and expectorant that is great for respiratory problems such as cough and sore throat. For optimal result you could add lagundi leaves tea to your daily diet because you could take it at least one cup up to three cup a day for cough relieving. However, to treat fever you need more dosage such as a cup of lagundi leaves tea in every three hours.

  1. Relieving Itchy Skin

Itchy skin could be caused by various factors and lagundi leaves are effective remedy to relieve the symptoms because lagundi leaves contain anti-inflammatory properties along with some anti-bacterial agents, anti-septic properties and the cooling effect will do the wonder to the itchy skin. Furthermore about the health benefits of lagundi leaves is that this herbal plant is also excellent to treat itchy skin caused by insect bites.

  1. Promote Healthy Skin

For you who have problems with dull skin or acne, lagundi leaves are also effective to deal with those conditions. Just applying the crushed lagundi leaves to infected area could cure acnes naturally and while adding lagundi leaves to your bathing water will help improving and smoothing your skin so no more dull skin.

  1. Natural Pain Relief

Some studies have stated that lagundi leaves contain analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. Those combinations make lagundi leaves one of the powerful pain relievers. Some people with rheumatism have claimed that this herbal plant is actually natural remedy to their pain. Furthermore, the locals have been using lagundi leaves to treat headache as well due to the analgesic properties found in the leaves which are quite potent.

  1. Treat Digestive Problems

When talking about digestive problems the list could be endless such as constipation and how to prevent diarrhea. Well, lagundi leaves have been well known to be excellent solution to treat some digestive problems because it contains some active compound such as anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to help dealing with some digestive problems.

  1. Potential Anti-Cancer Properties

From the Journal of Natural Product published in 2003, lagundi leaves are among the herbal plant that considered having potential anti-cancer properties though of course further studies are strongly required to support the claim.

  1. Tonic For Liver

Some scientific studies have found that lagundi leaves contain specific compound well known to have hepatoprotective effects which could be used as tonic for liver. Though the main function of liver is to eliminating the toxins from your body but still detoxifying it regularly is still required to maintain its health and optimal function. Surely you know about the health benefits of tea for liver and tea made from lagundi leaves are one that is highly recommended.

Cautions of Lagundi Leaves

When it comes to herbal plants when there are always some cautions you should aware because most of the herbs usage without professional attention like doctor. If you take herbs as part of medication, at least you should know the side effects that you may suffer.

  • Lagundi is not recommended for laxative and pregnant mother. Though this herb is quite safe to be consumed in moderate amount but still it is better to be in the safe side and avoid lagundi at all cost during pregnancy.
  • If you are taking lagundi as part of intensive medication treatment is better to consult with the expert first because though it is safe herb in moderate amount but in high dosage lagundi could be really harmful.
  • When you take lagundi leaves regularly and notice there are some allergic reactions like swollen lips or itchy skin is better to stop taking it immediately and contact your doctor.

Due to its raise of popularity, you could easily found the health benefits of lagundi leaves in the form of herbal teabag or capsules, so you could easily enjoying it in the form of herbal tea or in a capsule, though of course it is still better for you to make sure that the products that claim to be made from lagundi leaves are produced by respectable brands only.