Health Benefits of Waterleaf Juice (#1 Nigerian Herbal Plant)

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Waterleaf or Efo Gure is a common herbal plant in Nigeria. This evergreen plant is believed to have Health Benefits of Waterleaf. People consume waterleaf as a vegetable in soup, stir fry, salad, also in a form of juice.

This article would like to describe how waterleaf juice can be very beneficial for health. It gives you the amazing health benefits of waterleaf juice for its precious nutrition value.

The Health Benefits Of Waterleaf Juice

Waterleaf contains high amount of protein, amino acids, pectin, omega 3 fatty acids, minerals such as iron, calcium, copper, and manganese, also vitamin A, B, and C. Here are the health benefits of waterleaf juice.

  1. Brain nutrition

Waterleaf may look like typical perennial plant in the corner of your garden. But surprisingly, it presents as valuable brain nutrition. The regular consumption of waterleaf juice will protect brain tissues and improve brain activities. It includes improving human intelligence, such as Health Benefits of Beets for The Brain.

  1. Treat cancer

A scientific study on waterleaf proved that waterleaf is effective to inhibit the growth of cancer cell. Taking waterleaf juice can stop the spread of cancer cell and reduce the size of tumor. It is due to the high value of antioxidants found in waterleaf.

  1. Reduce inflammation

The watery texture of the thick and fleshy waterleaf is very good to sooth inflammation. Therefore, when you take it as a juice, it will help you a lot in reducing any pain in case of inner inflammation. As we know, our body will absorb liquid quicker than it absorbs solid food.

  1. Control blood sugar

Some of you might have know the Health Benefits of 3-Day Juice for overall health. The valuable minerals and dietary fiber in waterleaf are very good in controlling blood sugar as it supports better metabolism system. It also enables the body to produce more insulin which will regulate the blood sugar level.

  1. Manage blood pressure

The good amount of mineral and fiber in waterleaf is also very good to manage blood pressure and control heart rate. This way regularly consume waterleaf juice will avoid you from getting hypertension and the other cardiovascular problems.

  1. Good for pregnancy

It is always good for pregnant mother to add green vegetable intake. In case of waterleaf juice, it is good for pregnant mother as it  contains omega-3 fatty acids and the other vitamins. It is good for both the mother and the baby as it increases the blood level and prevent anemia in the mother.

  1. Good for skin

This is the benefit every woman would love. Well, waterleaf can  contribute to your youthful beauty. Taking waterleaf juice regularly can help you to maintain your natural beauty as the juice works very well in hydrating your skin. This way, the juice enables your skin to restore its natural moisture and glow.

  1. Improve immune system

As mentioned above, waterleaf juice is excellent in improving overall health by improving body’s immune system. Taking waterleaf juice regularly can boost immune system by eradicating weakness from the body.

  1. Good for digestion

Proper food digestion is important to prevent any digestive problems. In this case, waterleaf juice with its excellent dietary fiber helps a lot in preventing gastrointestinal disorder such as indigestion, constipation, flatulence, and even the irritable bowel syndrome.

How To Use Waterleaf Juice For Health

If you want to get the health benefits of waterleaf juice, make sure you go through the proper process. First, prepare a handful of freshly picked waterleaf. Wash with running water and chop the stems from the leaves.  Put it in a blender, add a liter of water and blend it well.

You can add the juice with some shots of lemon to enhance the taste. Or else, you can also combine the juice with carrot. Waterleaf and carrot make a very good combination. Further, you can also get the additional Unexpected Benefits of Carrot Juice and Health Benefits of Blending Fruits and Vegetables.

About the dosage of waterleaf juice, you can take it once in a day and at least twice a week. You can also consider your health condition, and which benefits you are going to achieve.

But make sure to maintain the regularity to obtain optimum health benefits of waterleaf juice. It is also better to consume the juice without any sugar. But if you can stand plain juice, you can add honey as a natural sweetener.