Health Benefits of Waterleaf Juice (#1 Nigerian Herbal Plant)

Waterleaf or Efo Gure is a common herbal plant in Nigeria. This evergreen plant is believed to have Health Benefits of Waterleaf. People consume waterleaf as a vegetable in soup, stir fry, salad, also in a form of juice. This article would like to describe how waterleaf juice can be very beneficial for health. It […]

20 Health Benefits of Waterleaf #Top for Brain and Beauty

What is waterleaf? Most of people don’t know that waterleaf is herbal plant that has many benefits for health. Meanwhile, waterleaf is a herbaceous perennial plant that is native to the Caribbean, central America and Mexico. This herbal plant was called by many names such as waterleaf, florida spinach, lagos bologi and sweetheart. As a […]