Health Benefits of Amunututu (#1 Nigerian Leaf Vegetable)

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Amunututu or Nigerian spinach is known for its beneficial nutrition. It presents the health benefits of amunututu as it rich with dietary fiber, sodium, iron, manganese, potassium, vitamin A, vitamin C, folic acid, and carotenoids.

The Health Benefits of Amunututu

The health benefits of amunututu of which known as Nigerian spinach, Malabar spinach, or alugbati in Philippines. Some people might have known the Health Benefits of Alugbati Leaves . So, here are the health benefits of amunututu:

  1. Nourishes skin

This Nigerian vegetable is rich with vitamin A and E which actively present as antioxidants. As we know, antioxidants help a lot in our effort to maintain healthy and youthful skin. It keeps our skin away from wrinkles and freckles.

  1. Reduces the risk of diabetes

Dietary fiber is significant to prevent diabetes. It is because dietary fiber can improve oxidation. The normal oxidation helps our body to optimally convert foods into energy. This way, there will be no sugar stacking. We can also avoid the spiking blood glucose level.

  1. Reduces bad cholesterol level

We know that it is important to get the Health Benefits of Eating 5 Portions of Fruit and Veg in a Day.  Therefore, you can add ananututu in between your healthy diet.  The dietary fiber content in amunututu is effective to reduce bad cholesterol absorption. This way, you can avoid the bad effect of cholesterol you gain from your daily food intake.

  1. Reduces the risk of cancer

Besides vitamins, amunututu also contains carotenoids. Those compounds can act as potent antioxidants which not only protect skin from aging but help your body to fight free radicals. As we know, free radicals are the main biggest threat to cancer. This way, we can reduce the risk of cancer, such as lung and oral cavity cancer.

  1. Control blood pressure

The content of potassium and manganese in amunututu help our body system to control heart rate and blood pressure. This way, we can avoid hypertension and have normal blood pressure. The normal blood pressure will also keep you away from cardiovascular problems.

  1. Treat stomachache

Amunututu in Nigerian means cool stomach. It named after the health benefits of the thick fleshy and watery leaf of amunututu in cooling down the digestive tract and deal with digestive problems. The benefit is mainly contributed by the value of soluble fiber in amunututu which is beneficial to treat stomach ache, especially of which due to ulcers.

  1. Improve body metabolism

One of the minerals contained in amunututu is iron. Keeping sufficient daily intake of iron will maintain normal red blood cell production. The normal amount of red blood cell facilities normal body metabolism.

  1. Good for pregnancy

It is suggested for pregnant mother to add the intake of fresh green vegetable. One of the vegetables which is recommended for pregnant women is amunututu. The content of  B-complex vitamins and folate is very good for pregnancy as it helps the growth of DNA. Folate takes a big role in keeping the early stage of pregnancy and  avoid neural tube defect  in the newborn baby.

How to Use Amunututu For Its Health Benefits

There are many ways in getting the benefits of amunututu. For example, you can include this Nigerian leafy vegetable into the stir fry. You can add any additional ingredients such as meat, chicken, or other vegetables just like pepper and tomato. This way, you can also get the additional Proven Tomato Health Benefits. Make sure to cook it lightly as you may waste the nutrition if you let it overcook.

Enjoy the freshness of raw leaves? You can mix amunututu leaves with other vegetables into a bowl of nutritious salad. Make sure you also use the healthy dressing such as olive oil. This way, you can enjoy the Health Benefits of Eating Green Salad.

The other way to get the benefits of amunututu is by drinking amunututu juice or smoothies. We know that we need the Health Benefits of Fruit and Veggie Smoothies for health, and one of the vegetable we can rely on for the health benefits is amunututu. If you worry about the taste of vegetable juice, you can add amunututu juice with some shots of lemon juice to enhance the taste.

But before you process the fresh leaf into any kind of food, make sure to wash the leaves in running water to remove any surface sand. After that, wipe the leaves with dry cloth or paper towel. Trim way the leaves from the stem, so you’ll only use the soft watery leaves of amunututu.