10 Incredible Health Benefits of Blending Fruits and Vegetables

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fruits and vegetablesHealth benefits of blending fruits and vegetables have many benefits. Because the content of vitamins, minerals, and fiber in fruits and vegetables is very high. Especially if you consume fruits and vegetables are colorful. Then the benefits that can be obtained can also vary. How to eat vegetables and fruits such as instantly eaten, cooked first, or juiced.

There is nutritional content in fruits and vegetables needed by the body such as:

  • Mineral
  • Vitamin
  • Fiber

With the existence of these nutrients, various health benefits you can get by consuming both, such as:

  1. Able to lower blood pressure

High blood pressure will be harmful to your heart health. Therefore, blood pressure needs to be kept stable. To make stable blood pressure, choose fruits and vegetables that have high potassium content such as bananas, potatoes, carrots, and fruits

  1. Lowers cholesterol

High cholesterol is also not good for the continuity of body metabolism. for those of you who suffer from high cholesterol, it is advisable to consume some fruits and vegetables that can lower cholesterol levels such as pears, spinach, and pumpkin

  1. The immune system is on the rise

Fruits and vegetables contain high vitamin C. Vitamin C plays a role in improving the body’s immune system. so the body is not susceptible to disease

  1. Makes teeth and bones healthy and strong

To make healthy and strong teeth in health benefits of quail eggs and bones needed vitamins and minerals. Not only that, choose foods that contain high calcium like spinach, kale vegetables, and also radishes

  1. Improve memory

Antioxidants present in fruits and vegetables are molecules that can slow or prevent the oxidation process of other molecules. Oxidation can produce free radicals that also affect memory.

  1. Overcoming obesity

Fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber that can help make a sense of satiety in the stomach, thus preventing excessive eating. In addition, vegetables and fruits have low calories like benefits eating pineapple weight loss

  1. Bringing a bowel movement

This is due to the high fiber content in fruits and vegetables. Fiber can help smooth the digestive system in benefits of bay leaves. So as to prevent constipation. 

  1. The body is fresher and energetic

This is because eating fruits and vegetables can increase the intake of vitamins and minerals for the body. that way the body will become more fresh and energetic. Vitamins that react with enzymes produce energy. While the minerals serve to dredge the composition of bone, blood, and body cell functions. Yes, there are many health benefits of blending fruits and vegetables.

  1. Prevent coronary heart disease

Folic acid present in fruits and vegetables can reduce the levels of homocysteine in the body. homocysteine is a substance that increases the risk of coronary heart disease

  1. Prevent and treat cancer

Cancer is an abnormal growth in body tissue cells. to prevent abnormal growth in cells, you are advised to consume fruits and vegetables. Read more about how to prevent cancers


Not all fruits and vegetables can be eaten together. Because each fruit and vegetable has a different type of fiber. Different fibers if consumed simultaneously can confuse digestion. Therefore it is necessary to know in advance the type of fiber in each fruit and vegetables.