20 Health Benefits of Cluster Beans You Never Know

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Cluster beans also called as guar or gavar. The beans so much look like green beans with green thin and long pods. The difference is that green beans appear to be more cylindrical. And for the taste, guar or cluster beans have slightly bitter taste.

But it doesn’t matter, as people love to consume the beans mainly for its health benefits. Well, most people in India consume cluster beans for unexpected health benefits of cluster beans.

And for you who never try it before, you might think to include the beans into your daily diet right after you read this.

Nutritional Information of Cluster Beans

There is no way for a natural ingredient to possess health benefits without any valuable components in it. The same thing happens in cluster beans. We can obtain the unexpected health benefits of cluster beans as the beans contain nutrition value as follow:

  • Protein
  • Fiber
  • Sugar
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin K
  • Vitamin A
  • folate
  • Phosphorus
  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • Zinc
  • Potassium

The Health Benefits of Cluster Beans

just like the other beneficial beans, cluster beans can also provide the health benefits for our body just like the health benefits of barlotti beans from Italy. The top 20 of unexpected health benefits of cluster beans are:

  1. Regulate blood sugar

Cluster beans are very good for diabetes patients. The high dietary fiber level in the beans improves the digestion process and quickly turns glucose into energy. Therefore, it won’t spike the blood glucose. Adding cluster beans or guar can also improve insulin which is a big deal for diabetes.

  1. Strengthen bones

Guar or cluster beans contain abundant calcium and phosphorus. As we know, the minerals are very beneficial in nourishing bones. Therefore, the regular consumption of cluster bones is able to strengthen bones.

  1. Prevent kidney stones

Kidney stones may be formed from the oxalate contained in unhealthy food we take. To eliminate oxalate, we need calcium. Calcium from cluster beans is able to inhibit the formation of kidney stones.

  1. Control blood pressure

One of the health benefits of cluster beans is the ability to perform as hypogyclemic and hypolipidemic. The ability is able to maintain the normal blood pressure and further prevents someone for getting hypertension. 

  1. Improve blood circulation

The content of iron in cluster beans is able to enhance the blood circulation. This way, the enhanced blood circulation is able to make sure oxygen distribution throughout the body.

  1. Treat anemia

The consumption of cluster beans is able to aid the iron absorption. As we know, iron is the most essential mineral to deal with anemia. Besides cluster beans, we can also treat anemia with the other beans as attached in Health Benefits of Jugo Beans for anemia.

  1. Reduce cholesterol

The ability of cluster beans to perform hypolipid property is able to reduce the level of bad LDL. Therefore, including cluster beans to your daily diet might be a good idea to keep you cholesterol level in check.

  1. Prevent cardiovascular diseases

As the ability of cluster beans in controlling blood pressure and reducing bad cholesterol, it is proven that cluster beans are beneficial for your cardio. This way, we can prevent some cardiovascular diseases such stroke, heart attack, and coronary heart.

However, it is far better if you can manage to do some regular exercise to accompany your nutrition intake. For instance, you can take some session of walking as you can obtain the Health Benefits of Walking 60 Minutes A Day

  1. Good for brain

The hypoglycemic property of cluster beans is not only able to control blood pressure and blood sugar. It can also soothe the bran nerves. Therefore, the consumption of cluster beans is able to maintain the good functioning of brain. The property also enables the cluster beans to relive stress.

  1. Prevent stress

The regular consumption of cluster beans juice is able to relieve stress. Further, it can also relieve paralyzing. For the better result, you can also combine the cluster beans with the other vegetables and fruits and get the optimal health benefits of cluster beans.

  1. Good for pregnancy

Consuming cluster beans for pregnant women can be one of the methods to obtain folic acids. As we know, folic acids are essential for pregnancy as it relieve the weary and teary pregnancy in mother and nourish the fetus. Folic acids can be obtained from Health Benefits of Fish Oil . However, it can also be obtained from some herbs including cluster beans.

  1. Good for unborn baby

Folic acids from cluster beans are also good for unborn baby. It is able to reduce the risk of born defect in baby. Folic acid has also been proven to be able in improving baby’s intelligence.

  1. Improve bowel movement

Got some digestion problems? Suffering from constipation? If it is the case, you might start considering on taking laxative. But don’t worry, cluster beans can help you by acting as natural laxative. It is able to improve bowel movement and flush unwanted toxins to aid proper excretion.

  1. Treat diarrhea

As mentioned before, cluster beans are able to quickly flush unwanted toxins from the body. As we know, diarrhea happens from the unwanted microbacteria which intervent the digestion process. This way, cluster beans are able to improve the recovering process of diarrhea.

  1. Energizing

Energizing is one of the health benefits of cluster beans. The beans are able to provide good amount of carbohydrate and protein. Thus, consuming cluster beans is able to provide us with energy to go through the day.

The other health benefits of cluster beans are:

  1. Improve immune system
  2. Treat anorexia
  3. Aid detoxification
  4. Lose weight
  5. Balance body fluid

Precautions in Consuming Cluster Beans

Despite the health benefits of cluster beans we should aware of some side effects of the usage. A study revealed that cluster beans may cause blockage in esophagus and intestine. Thus, if you have difficulty in swallowing, you better avoid this legume. In addition, although the beans are good for diabetics and high cholesterol., you better not consuming the beans if you have already taken a medication for the health problems as it may intervene the medication process. So, it is suggested for you to ask doctor’s advice before consuming the bans either as medication or culinary term if you have some important health issues.

Recommendation in Consuming Cluster Beans

The first thing to consider in consuming cluster beans is how to choose the right beans. Make sure you choose the young cluster beans with clean soft pods and not too ripe seeds. If you intend to store it before use it, make sure you store them in a perfectly dry and chill place.

Wrap cluster beans with air-tight package is better. When you cook it, you should remove both ends of the pods and string them. After that, you can cook the beans in the way you like better. The best way to cook the beans is by steaming or boiling. After that, you can also make a stir fry and combine the steamed or boiled cluster beans with whatever you like.

In addition, young cluster beans can also be consumed as juice. Add some lemon or honey to add thee health benefits as you may also get the Health Benefits of Local Raw Honey  or Health Benefits of Water with Lemon Slices. With the proper handle, you can get the optimal health benefits of cluster beans.